A Florida school bus driver, John Moody, 64, in Pinellas County, was witness to a horrific beating of one student by three older, bigger boys on his bus from the dropout detention school where he picks up students, according to CNN.

Moody was interviewed and said that he too feared the boys and was in shock as they beat the boy, what he thought could be, to death.

He called dispatchers and alerted them to the altercation, so that help could immediately be sent in.  The police said that there was more Moody could’ve done to help the boy, but the school’s policy states that he did nothing wrong.

“There was clearly an opportunity for him to intervene and or check on the welfare of the children or the child in this case and he didn’t make any effort to do so,” Chief Robert Vincent of Gulfport Police Department told the affiliate.

The assistant states’ attorney even went as far as to say he could’ve given the boy first aid after the beating, but Moody insists there wasn’t any time.

“The kid gets up and skedaddles out the door,” he said.

According to reports, police arrested three teens all 15, Lloyd Khemradj, Julian McKnight, and Joshua Reddin, for felony aggravated battery. They jumped the 13-year-old because he told school officials that someone tried to sell him drugs. It’s obvious that Moody, who has since retired, was scared of the boys, who left the boy with a broken arm and two black eyes.

Watch video of the beating above.

What do you think? Was the bus driver wrong for not helping the beaten student?

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38 thoughts on “VIDEO: Florida School Bus Driver ‘in Shock’ When Boy Beaten on Bus

  1. phillipsrenea on said:

    This is the biggest racist site I have ever seen. These three thugs should be prosecuted for attempted murder among many other charges. The bus driver knew that these kids would turn on him too, that is why he didn’t touch them. He also knew that he would be in jail if he so much as touched them. This site and other just like it are not for equality or justice just for “the black me”. Why aren’t you protesting and rioting now? – I will tell you why, it is because the victim is white and we all know blacks believe it is okay to attack white like animals on the African plains. This site like many others never mention the white boys family, his pain, his lack of a safe transport to his home, his civil rights, etc. Thanks for attacking the wrong person; I feel sorry for the bus driver and others like him. As with most transit workers – they fear blacks because of this type of vicious attack – even blacks are afraid of these thugs.

    • This is exactly what is tearing our nation apart. I am seeing and hearing of Black American youths ganging up on white youths and beating them all across the nation,”knockout” And you cry when someone stands up and put to this? This act is a lynching and should be prostituted as one in a federal court. If that were my child you beat, Don’t worry about court or the PO PO as you call it, Better be worried about my child’s daddy cause I WILL GET MINES. I am in the valley of the shadow of death

  2. Joe Setlock on said:

    Your a typical black racist. That’s why your people are killing each other every day! If that was my kid getting beat, there would be thee dead thugs. YOU PEOPLE raise these thugs! Thats why they all die young! I’m not bitter. Those punks will most likely be gunned down before they hit 20 yrs old by aanother black thug.

  3. I see no where in your article a reference to the three black kids beating the white student. If the roles were reversed, you would have headlines about black beatings and throw back to the towns of Mississippi in the 1950s. You article is the usual hypocritical drivel that liberals love to hide behind. And where is Al and Jessie and all the the race haters… I’d be less tone deaf to there usual diatribes if I thought there civil rights banter was for all people and not just for blacks. And the bus driver did what he could do given the litigious climate me live in. I’m sure had he intervened the parent of the black punks would have sued him for touching their precious little angels. Or worse, he would have been beaten as well. If you are going to write a story, please tell the whole story and don’t leave out the facts. The punks that beat the white student were black.

  4. Stephanie on said:

    I understand the school board policy, but after calling the dispatcher, the next call should have been 911. Shame on that man, if he have a conscience, this will haunt him.

  5. Alexandria Nicole on said:

    I hope the Caucasian child’s parents sue the hell out of the school and the bus driver. What a disgrace! Busdrivers should absolutely be trained and able to maintain control of the students on the bus. This was an ouitrage. Hope the boys get a really stiff sentence as they were out to kill this boy two years younger than them…. and notice how the little cowards attack in threes????

  6. Time for 3 more Trayvons… wonder why the major racists in this country, Sharpton, Jackson, Oprah, and Obuma have remained silent???

  7. Shame on the person who wrote this article. Using the word altercation? An altercation is defined as an argument or a dispute. There was no argument, this nothing but a vicious attack on an unknowing victim. Face the truth … altercation … pathetic use of words. And for Kenneth who replied on August 6, 2013 at 7:17 am that he’s “sure there is much more to this than a bunch of kids going wild on another child” are you implying that this “white” child deserved this???

  8. Kenneth, that’s sweet you equally bad for the bus driver and the 13 year old with the broken arm who got his ass beat. I actually feel worst of all for myself who has to read comments like yours.

  9. The Real Jorge Siiiimerrman on said:

    Devaris, Devaris Devaris….you my boy need to go for a walk between houses in my neighborhood…..don’t forget your tea and skittles…I’ll meet you out there.

  10. Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for this kid rights. How about it Joe Biden would this kid look like yours. People want to be treated equal but then they act like savages. No wonder these kids shot there schools up. This white kid :Sorry ,Caucasian American, did the right thing told on soon to be drug dealers. And no one helped him. Parents should sue the driver and the school for child neglect or abuse.

  11. Stop letting fools out of the front door. on said:

    The bus driver is 64 years old. If he gets hurt, he’ll never heal right. People need to teach their kids not to act like fools. That was totally ridiculous.

  12. This is a PURE HATE CRIME! Come on Prez, if you had a son would he look like these 3 “THUGS”?
    Hey REV AL, what is your excuse for these 3 “Good Boys”? sickening!

  13. jason on said:

    That’s not in his job description to help ppl. His job is to drive and make sure they get to where they are goin safely. That’s was bus monitors supposed to do. Plus, they woulda wound up jumpin him to or he coulda accidentallyhurt one of them kids helpin and he lost his job.

    • Serpentine on said:

      Well, if you truly believe that the bus driver’s job was to make sure his passengers get to their destination safely, then he failed, because the boy that got the beat down, didn’t arrive at his destination safely. The bus driver looks to be a strong healthy black man, a little intimidation goes a long way. It took three against one. They were cowards.

  14. Everybody is harping about the bus driver, what about the 3 thugs??? Where are they??? Back at school perhaps. If they were black, they would be in jail already. Why don’t I see the parents of the 3 thugs on here? What do they have to say about their children’s behavior?? They are probably not saying a damn thing, because they are getting their asses beat too.

  15. RENO2AC on said:

    In my state, all school buses have a bus assistant, as well as a dtriver. For routes that contain kids who attend “alternative” schools because of behavior issues, a male is always assigned as the assistant in order deter this type of behavior. It’s obvious the driver was afraid; however, I would have had to do SOMETHING! There is no more cowardly act than multiple people beating up on one person.

  16. Mark Allen on said:

    Instinctively you would have thought the bus driver would have done something to help at least yell at the boys and tell him that he was going to call the police and that they are being video taped. That may have detered them. Instead he just let that kid get beat down. I’m not feelin that!!

  17. Serpentine on said:

    There is something terribly wrong with the state of Florida. I know the man feared for his life, but he could have stepped in between those boys. I’m not saying to fight them, but as a barrier. They would have listened to him, because they listened to him when he started yelling for them to leave the beaten boy alone. I’m not saying he was wrong. He did what he thought was best for him, but c’mon people. This shit has got to stop! This state has so many ass backward policies and laws that are so embarrassing to most people with common sense. You can’t put common sense in a box. This is the same state where the health care worker let an old woman die because she refused to give the woman mouth to mouth resuscitation because it was against policy. People are trying to fight to save these stupid kids from themselves, and also to protect other innocent kids that may get caught up in the fray. Many kids have died needlessly because of a-holes like these misfits, and this is them paying us back in kind. Send their asses to jail! They beat that boy down and no one deserves to be beaten like that. There seems to be no more humanity in the world. So, if they can’t act like human beings, send your asses to jail amongst the other animals!

  18. Mrs. Carr on said:

    The bus driver should have done something and not just watch the little boy get beating up like that, that was someones child and three older boys doing him like that, I don’t care if they all was white or all black. Right is right and wrong is wrong. That child needed help and other kids watch too. How can anything change when you are not helping changing things like this, don’t wait on someone else to do it you can too. I hope the child is all right.

  19. Linda on said:

    They would’ve beat him down too or he would’ve been charged with child abuse and been fired before the end of the day. They beat up a white boy on camera, they can kiss their freedom good-bye and rightly so.

  20. Wildflower on said:

    Those boys deserve whatever they get. They are punks because 3 had to jump one, however the police are ONLY angry about the bus driver not getting involved because the young man getting jumped was white. had he been just another black kid they would probably be “still looking” for the perps and the old man would not have even been a thought. That man is 60+ years old it was nothing more he could of done without risking his own life. They kill our young men and expect us to save theirs.

  21. Kalonji on said:

    I work with our youth and Im here to tell you, the driver did the correct thing. Otherwise there could have been a beaten boy and a beaten driver. They have camera’s. They know who rides the bus. They know who to arrest. And they also know this kinda things happens all too often.

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  23. the Timekeeper on said:

    I agree that I would have liked to have seen the bus driver step in. However, if he had knocked the fool out of one of those boys ( whiich would’ve been sweet) then the same police would probably chaging him with beating up on a minor. so sometimes your are danred if you do and darned if you dont.

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