14-year-old Shaaliver Douse was shot and killed early Sunday by New York police after he reportedly did not drop his gun when ordered.

Officers say they heard gunshots then witnessed Shaaliver Douse chasing another male down a street in the South Bronx. Douse was shot with a 9-millimeter semi-automatic handgun as he ran.

The officers, who were in uniform, say they identified themselves as police and ordered Douse to drop his gun. After failing to drop his gun, the 14-year-old was hit in his lower left jaw by a single shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Back in May of this year, Douse was accused of attempted murder in connection with the shooting and wounding of a 15-year-old. Charges were later dropped after the victim and a witness stopped cooperating with the police.

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19 thoughts on “NYPD Shoots, Kills 14-Year-Old Boy

  1. TDBLUE on said:

    And I am supposed to feel bad for his so-called mother and absentee father why again? Thin the herd i say, and to the cop that shot and killed him….I am glad YOU and YOUR PARTNER are A-OK and dong well, and a big huge THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Derek Classon on said:

    I live in the Bronx, so I’ve heard all about this. The boy’s mother is comparing her son to Trayvon. Sorry, but there is no comparison. This kid was armed, shooting at other people, and aimed his gun at the cops. It’s a very high crime area, so there are cameras everywhere, and the NYPD has released surveillance video showing all of the above to be true. The cops themselves had to go to the hospital for trauma. They didn’t want to shoot anyone. This site is trying to stir up the noise and that’s wrong. This kid already shot another kid a few months earlier. And the mother says the cops were wrong? When would she accept reality? When her kids successfully killed someone?

  3. We can't always blame the NYPD on said:

    14 YO out at 3am (as noted in the newspaper reports) raises questions from the start. Not a good kid.

    Royalty: there is no such thing as shooting to wound. In fact, most cops miss with most of their shots. It’s almost surprising they hit him at all.

    And if they hadn’t seen and stopped him, it seems probably that he would have killed another (likely black) boy.

  4. Royalty1022 on said:

    On the thought of the Police, why is it that they seem to kill almost everyone they have to chase/hunt down in a crime and the are always the Minority? It would be total outrage if they did this to Whites every time they were involved in a crime. They could have easily wounded this child to solved the threat…

  5. Royalty1022 on said:

    Some child/adults are just a bad seed. Demons come in all forms. It’s sad but it happens and it’s not always the parents fault. It could have been a lot of reasons as to why this child took the path of crime. But everyone of age knows right and wrong even though some are so easily influenced.

  6. Kathy Mobley on said:

    We all make mistakes. Kids practice what they see and as parents we need to train up a child in the Lord so when he is old he will not depart. In order for a child to become bad, the parent is missing.

  7. Kim Melancon on said:

    Any are we supposed to raise hell or gather around and demand the police officers get fired?? I think not!! My 14 year old does not walk around with a gun and if he did- he would have to get what was coming to him if he starts running after the police tells him to retreat. These kids need their a@@es beat!!!!

  8. Debbie on said:

    Where are his parents? Why is he walking around with a gun? His mother better not step to the news talking crap or her ass should be locked up.

  9. Based on what has been outlined in the story I don’t think BlackAmericaWeb should be highlighting this story. What’s the point in doing so? It appears that unfortunately this young man was deep into crime.

  10. The headlines make it seem as it was some type of injustice. Omg we are in a state of emergency because a 14 year old with a gun not responding to the police is a crime and for the police safety they did their job! If the story is correct!

  11. jhuff on said:

    Needs to happen a lot more to these young SOB wanna be bad asses. I wonder how many inocent lives
    the police just saved

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