10 years after first being married in 1997, and one divorce later, NeNe and Gregg headed down the aisle to remarry in a lavish ceremony that will air in the ”I Dream of NeNe” wedding special on the Bravo network. In anticipation for the premiere, Bravo released this throwback footage of Nene and Gregg’s first wedding ceremony.

Bliss oozed from NeNe Leakes and her new husband Gregg’s smiles as they expressed how happy they were to be married to one another, in the footage from their 1997 wedding. “I am the most happy man in the world, happiest man, I should say, to have a beautiful wife like NeNe. I love her with all my heart.And I really do mean it. I look forward to making her happy for the rest of her life,” Gregg told the camera. Nene planted a big kiss on his lips following his confession.

Not even the $2.5 lawsuit from the wedding planner can come close to bringing them down off their high.

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