If all goes as planned, Conrad Murray will be a free man in the next three months.

According to reports, the man serving a four-year sentence for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson is scheduled to be released from prison two years early.

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Radar Online reports that the doctor is expected to walk out of the Los Angeles County Jail on October 28 for good behavior and overcrowding.

Although this may be great news for Murray and his family, Michael’s mother Katherine was devastated the hear the recent update.

The former physician should “serve the time for the crime,” a source said on behalf of the 83-year-old. “It is not right I will never be able to see my son again, while his mother can see him.”

Another source told the UK’s Daily Mirror that the entire Jackson family is disappointed about his early release.

“Murray is the killer of Michael in their eyes. He cost them their son and father,” the source said. “For him to get out in two years is an insult. They [the Jackson family] still feel he should have been tried for murder.”


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One thought on “Michael Jackson’s Doctor Conrad Murray To Be Released From Prison 2 Years Early

  1. Sometimes jail is safer than outside. Sad. Anyway, COnrad still have a life sentenced because he will always be known as the man who killed MJ.

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