Andrea Pearson, who has a son with ex-NFLer Chad Johnson (pictured), filed legal documents in a Miami court last year because Johnson reportedly failed to pay monthly child support payments of $5,240. And since Johnson’s finances have taken a dive because of unemployment, he is reportedly requesting that the court consider lowering his child support payments, but Pearson is allegedly not showing any mercy, according to TMZ.

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Johnson and Pearson had a baby in 2010, and their relationship became tabloid fodder after he and his ex-wife’s, Evelyn Lozada, marriage unraveled last year. Once Johnson and Lozada split up as a result of a domestic violence incident, his career, reality show, and endorsements disappeared, reportedly making it difficult to generate enough income to cover his debts.

Johnson’s money troubles apparently fell on deaf ears, though, because last November, Pearson requested that the court throw her baby daddy in jail if he did not meet his financial obligation to their child.

But Pearson’s legal move was a stiff departure from the previous relationship they reportedly enjoyed: When times were financially good for Johnson, he reportedly bought Pearson a home to raise their child in and met all of his monetary obligations.

In her recent court protest, though, Pearson stated  that she should not be punished for Johnson’s money mistakes and that “he sabotaged his own earning ability through his conduct and criminal behavior.”

Consequently, the miffed Mom is requesting that the court throw out Johnson’s request to have his monthly child support lessened.

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2 thoughts on “Chad Johnson’s Baby Mama On Missed Child Support: ‘He Sabotaged His Own Earning Ability’

  1. Wow this is a sad case. Where exactly does she expect him to come up with the money? Sure he made mistakes but seriously. Sounds like she was living off of her child support money. The courts will more than likely grant his motion to lessen the payments and rightfully so, SMH at some women

  2. Does she not realize or care that the outrageous amount of child support he has paid has also contributed to his lack of funds. Now that he’s no longer playing football regardless of the reason at some point his income was going to drop. If the child support system was set up to where both parents were financial responsible at a reasonable and factual amount this story wouldn’t even be told or probably reversed.

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