Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin made the morning-show rounds today, speaking out for the first time since George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing their unarmed son, Trayvon Martin.

The two were somber and resigned in their appearances on “CBS This Morning,” “Good Morning America” and “Today,” repeatedly expressing their shock at the verdict and indicating that they may be moving forward with a civil suit.

Martin spoke movingly about his son on CBS this morning, opening the interview by saying, “I want America to know that Trayvon was a fun-loving child. He was our child. We miss him dearly. Just to have your child’s life taken away from you like that, it hurts. And it’s a process that will take a long time to start to recovery from.”

Fulton added that she was “stunned” when she heard Zimmerman was not found guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter: “I [thought] that they would see that this was a teenager just trying to get home. This was no burglar. This was somebody’s son that was trying to get home.”

Both agreed that race played a huge factor in the killing. “I think it was obvious that it was a black person, a black young person, that they were looking for,” Fulton told co-host Charlie Rose. “But Trayvon was simply not that person.

Race was more of a focus in Martin and Fulton’s conversation with Matt Lauer on Today. Martin said that if his son had been white, “this would have never happened — so obviously, race played some type of role.”

When co-host Matt Lauer asked if he felt that the legal system had failed her son, Fulton answered yes, “to a certain degree,” adding, “I just didn’t understand. How can you let the killer of an unarmed child go free?”

Trayvon’s parents also discussed the aftermath of the verdict, saying that they hoped all protests would be peaceful — and telling Lauer that while they may someday be able to forgive Zimmerman, “forgiveness is like a healing process. Forgiving takes time.

Martin’s parents said today on “GMA” that they wish the members of the jury had gotten a chance to know more about their son during the trial.

“I wish they really knew Trayvon for who he was and knew that he was a kid,” Martin said. “They didn’t know him as a human being, a very decent human being, a fun-loving kid. He loved kids.

“I just wish they had an opportunity to really know who Trayvon was and to put that in context with what their decision was.

Zimmerman has gone into hiding since the verdict, but in an interview this week with ABC News, his parents, Gladys and Robert Zimmerman Sr., said that if they had the chance, they would tell Trayvon Martin’s parents they are truly sorry about what happened the night their son fatally shot the 17 year old.

When asked by “GMA’s” George Stephanopolous whether he was comforted by the Zimmermans’ apology, Martin called it a “hard and fair question.”

“There’s no winner in this situation,” Martin said. “Obviously, we are devastated more.”

“I just think that all the circumstances surrounding books being written and the mischaracterization of us as parents, I just really don’t feel that it’s real sincere,” he said. “But we continue to pray that we’ll find peace and strength to be forgiving parents.”

Martin and Fulton have started a foundation named after their son and say they hope his death and the trial can serve as a catalyst to bring the country together.

24 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin’s Parents Break Silence on Morning Shows

    • JanCorey on said:

      2, facts about this case do scare some people, especially the uneducated to the facts or uneducated to the Law, and thanks for proving my points.

    • Tami on said:

      Why are you so bitter? Did you dog run away? Did your sister/wife leave you for a black man? Did you find out your daughter was a slut and was sneaking them in and out of the house? What’s the problem? Whatever it is, this is not the format for dealing with that. Please put your insurance to good use and seek counseling. If that is not your thing, visit your local Catholic church and seek an exorcism for those demons. If one is not near, find a Pentecostal/Baptist one. They can lay hands on you and pray them out. If that isn’t your thing, go volunteer and be a help instead of a hindrance. Volunteering tends to help people stop feeling sorry for themselves. It happens when people are down on their luck.

      You are devoid of a soul and a spine. If you spat that garbage out at work, in your neighborhood, etc., you would see how crazy you sound to real people. You are an internet thug/bigot. Please get a life and stop being curt for attention.

      • Jiggy5 on said:

        Tami, 2days after her sons death, Ms. Fulton was busy filing for trademarks to ensure the protection of profits to be made from this tragedy. Are those the actions of a grieving mother? NO.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Jiggy5 , I just vomited when I ready your comment about Fulton’s money-grabbing actions in Trayvon’s name. Maybe she can help to market a drug-free marijuana cigarette and line line Trayvon-rubber-bullets, and a rubber-cement-looking-sidewalk material too.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Tami, to me, your ignorance and defiance of the facts of this case continue to shine bright against you. At least you are consistent. Did you ever complete highschool or did you get kicked out of school for your drug useage like Trayvon Martin did repeatedly? Do you wear a hoodie too, do you continue to smoke dope regardless of the Law, and have you also bashed victim’s head against a cement sidewalk like your little dead role-model Trayvon? Remember now, the actions Trayvon caused his own death, so may I ask you to please be careful in what you are doing out there when you are allowed to be unsupervised in the community.

      • You are a slow learner. I told you in a previous post that I have two degrees. I come from teachers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, have family members on the parole board, not on parole, etc. Get yours. You see everyone through your embedded stereotypes. Sorry to disappoint you.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Tami, you appear to refuse to learn what the truth is, especially about this case and your inability to understand the facts of this case. Try, instead, to have your parents re-enroll you into elementary school and go through classes again beginning with where you appear to be stuck in, kindergarten. But Tami, be sure to complete all the way through highschool, then enter into college and complete at least through your completion of your master’s degree, then return here and perhaps then you have be able to better understand your disillusions and your psychosis-dilemma you continue to struggle with. Hurry up, we’ll wait for your return and stay up with you Psychiatrist’s appointments as well. Good luck and hurry back.

      • Tami on said:

        A relevant reply would have been to give your pedigree. I thought that would be no problem for you, being that you are “superior”, know everything about everything, and “well-learned”. God bless your little inbred never been in the military soul. (No one in the military would write such garbage because they know it would interfere with their ability to move up the ranks. I doubt if you would be able to pass the test to get into any line of service. FYI, Goodwill does hire the mentally incapacitated. You are a fraud and this is my last time replying to someone mentally beneath me. You are like talking to a sign post…pointless.)

      • JanCorey on said:

        I agree with you Tami that you appear to be a pedophile just like others have said before on that other site. Your trollish conduct and your rants against others better-informed than yourself are not masked by your lack of education or your lack of motivation to learn the truth. Sybrina Fulton and Trayvon’s father need to both be in prison, LWOP if you ask me, for creating that thug-Trayvon. I have to wonder just how many residences in the complex Trayvon and his buddies broke into before George Zimmerman caught up to him and ended his criminal trail. Thank you Mr. Zimmerman, you are our hero.

      • JanCorey on said:

        It was great that Sybrina Fulton will use Trayvon’s name to expand his legacy, maybe with her own line of handgun-accessories like hollow-point-thug-bullets or perhaps some marijuana items like a Trayvon-brand-pot or maybe some bongs and roach clips or maybe some burglary tools like crow bars, lock-cutters, and glass cutters or maybe have a t-shirt with a gun-target on it with a picture of Trayvon inside the bullseye.

    • According to BrandChannel, Trayvon’s name has already been “co-opted by all manner of opportunist, from the social to the commercial.”

      Shirts, hoodies, and buttons are already being sold on eBay and Cafe Press, and and have already been registered as website domains. BrandChannel notes that serves an unrelated site dedicated to strip club reviews.

      Read more:

  1. cruelty on said:

    To you JanCorey, your parents (which are most likely sister & brother) should be shot to death for bringing your stupid ASS into the World for that commnet you made. Don’t worry…….. when you die you will NOT rest at all, you WILL suffer for that comment.
    Now….. may you die a cruel death!

    • JanCorey on said:

      Cruelty, your name on-line speaks volumes as your attacks are clearly racist and not accurate at all, only hateful as you appear. I have forwarded your attack to the FBI, seriously, and you may want to remove your data files that holds your personal information and any pictures since you may loose access to your pc fairly soon, at least according to what some others have experienced when their internet crimes were documented and forwarded to the FBI. Good luck and may I suggest that you may want to carry your needed bail money with you at all times. Good luck.

      • cruelty on said:

        Don’t worry about my bail money……… just be sure to inform theFBI that I look forward to their visit. I’m certain someone helped you with spelling FBI. Maybe it was your mother and father which is also your aunt and uncle. Yes, I am being CRUEL to you because of that CRUEL comment you made.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Cruelty, by your rant, they are so advised. Best of luck to you. I have never made a cruel comment from my perspective ever, only informative in helping people like you understand things that are seemingly way over their head or intellectual-capabilities. When you’re finally paroled, maybe you can return here and discuss what you learned about your criminal-trolling.

  2. JanCorey on said:

    Both of Trayvon’s parents need to be in prison for life, imo, because they endangered the United States with conceiving that dope-head-felony-assault-Trayvon Martin. May he rest in pieces.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Truth Be Told!, I am so sorry that you interpreted my comments as being mean, that was not my intentions. I simply respond with my perspective after reviewing the facts of this case and have never intended to offend anyone, I am simply relaying what I have seen as facts. My deepest apologies to you.

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