Big Brother Candice

See we told you that there was going to end up being a call for a boycott and Candice Stewart‘s mother is the one leading the charge! Candice’s mother Hazel has seen more than enough BS racism on the “Big Brother” show and is tired of seeing her daughter talked about and treated in this racist manner!

Hazel told TMZ of Aaryn,

“She’s a devil she’s mean and a racist.”

Hazel also discussed her church community being so concerned about the show now that they are calling for a boycott as well. Said Hazel,

“They will no longer watch ‘Big Brother’ anymore because of the racism. The community thinks Candice is being bullied. If I would have known this is the way the show would turn out, I would have convinced Candice not to go.”

What else is there to say except we hear you Hazel and we get it! We sure hope others get it too! Salute.


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2 thoughts on “African American “Big Brother” Houseguest’s Mom Calls For Boycott Over Racism

  1. CBS is doing the same thing as other stations, “RATINGS”. If this was a concern for CBS, they would have done something about it after the first night it happened.

  2. Jiggy5 on said:

    I agree Candice should boycott and give back the money she’s made from the show. Oh snap, ain’t nobody said nufin’ bout give no money back. That would show true conviction to the cause.

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