PITTSBURGH (AP)—A woman fired from a Pittsburgh-area spa has sued, saying she was wrongly fired after she refused to let another employee perform a hair-removing wax procedure on her during training.

Jennifer Finley, of Wexford, has sued the European Wax Center in Ross Township, just north of Pittsburgh.

Finley contends she understood that part of her job was to perform the procedure that removes hair from the pubic area on customers, but Finley said she didn’t want to be forced to have the procedure done for herself.

“She was asked to expose her most private parts to her co-workers, to their view and their touch, and to have the physical view of her genitals altered,” said Finley’s attorney Janice Russell.

Finley said she knew that she and co-workers would be practicing waxing techniques on each other but that nothing was mandatory.

“I was willing to have different parts of my body waxed, my eyebrows,” Finley said.

A woman who answered the spa’s phone Tuesday said owner Ryan Glastein has no comment.

Finley is seeking lost pay and other damages.

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2 thoughts on “Say What? Spa Worker Fired for Refusing Bikini Wax

  1. I hate pubic hair period.It is ugly and disgusting unless you have it neatly trimmed.The Last Black woman I tried to please with my lips had a blonde wig down there.I excused myself,went to the kitchen ,got a match , lit the wig up and set her ass on fire.

    • See Christianslayer, the operative word here is TRIED. Something tells me she didn’t think you tried hard enough. I’d be willing to bet that instead of you excusing yourself, she excused your ass. And the only thing on fire was your ass after she kicked it out the damn door. Tell the truth and shame the devil.

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