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Viloude Louis, 5, died after being brutally beaten by her half-brother, Devalon Armstrong, 13, with moves he learned from WWE. Photo Credit: Viloude’s father Vilger Louis/Times-Picayune.

Devalon Armstrong, 13, is accused of killing his 5-year-old half-sister by brutally beating her with moves learned from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), reports the NY Daily News.

Tasked with babysitting his younger sibling by their mother, Adlourdes Desvallons, 39, Armstrong allegedly punched 5-year-old Viloude Louis in the stomach, “jumping on her back and elbow-dropping into her kidneys,” according to police.

After the assault, Viloude complained of a stomach ache and went upstairs to the bathroom — where her brother found her 30 minutes later on the floor writhing in pain.

Armstrong carried Viloude downstairs and called 911. By the time paramedics arrived, the child was no longer breathing and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

According to the coroner’s report released Tuesday, Viloude suffered from “broken ribs, internal bleeding and liver lacerations.”

Armstrong told police that his sister told him that he was hurting her, but he continued for another 2-3 minutes, only stopping when their mother called home to check on them.

Detective Matt Vasquez said that Armstrong, who was charged with second-degree murder, smiled when talking about the wrestling moves that killed his sister, reports The Times-Picayune.

The teen will undergo psychiatric evaluation before his scheduled trial next month to determine if he is mentally able to participate in the proceedings.

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