Apparently, there is still no love lost between former “Basketball Wives” cast mates Royce Reed and Evelyn Lozada. While out promoting the upcoming (and hopefully final) season of “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn Lozada had a lot to say about Reed, who won’t be on this season of the show. Lozada said Royce was a non-motherf**king factor amongst other colorful phrases that aim to convince the public she cares nothing of Royce Reed.

Royce Reed didn’t take the disrespect lying down and lashed out at Lozada via Twitter. Reed blasted her former nemesis by saying her appearance on “Iyanla’s Fix My Life” didn’t do its job because Lozada is a walking hypocrite. Although Reed did retaliate against Evelyn on Twitter, she didn’t spend too much time on it. After a few tweets, which are posted below, she went on promoting her upcoming performance her dance company.

Peep the drama here.

2 thoughts on “Royce Reed Goes In On Evelyn Lozada On Twitter!

  1. keichetmaheia on said:

    Evelyn is not a perfect person she is still growing some body need to be a bigger person an to stop be childish love her any ways in,spite wat she does

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