I love and appreciate my right to privacy as much as any American does. But I also love and appreciate efforts to secure our nation from terrorism.

I’m talking, of course, about the news that the National Security Agency’s need to collect telephone records of millions of U.S. citizens. Republicans are upset, but they aren’t the only ones. A lot of people feel violated and are worried that this is another move toward America becoming a police state. Even Sybil reminded me that when the Bush Administration was accused of spying on Americans, we were irate then and we should be now.

But I have a different take on it. No big surprise there, right?

We’re fighting a brand new kind of terrorism. The enemy may not be a country or even a group. Now as the last few incidents of terror have shown us, our enemy can be anyone, anywhere. So, all bets are off and all is fair—well, almost all.

My point is the world has drastically changed since 9/11 and we’ve had to get used to a lot of things we never thought we’d be able to do. Like strange TSA workers practically getting  to second base with me at the airports. That’s  not fun at all, but I’ll take it because I know that they’re looking out for the greater good of all of us. I also would think people who love guns would be willing to sacrifice whatever they need to for stricter gun control laws.

I’m one of those people who assumed a long time ago that anything we texted and even emailed was going somewhere that could be retrieved by someone at some point, even after it was deleted. Why in the name of Kwame Kilpatrick is anyone still tweeting, texting  or even saying ANYTHING that could be incriminating is a mystery to me. Maybe we all needed a wake up to call like this to realize that we are sharing way too much and now that we know, let’s all dial it back notch.

Just like Verizon and the rest (because you know Verizon isn’t the only one) finally said, I can’t look at any more naked pictures, nasty texts or overhear any more freaky conversations.

If you just HAVE to say something you KNOW you shouldn’t say or do, get in your car and drive to a pay phone. By the time you find one, either you won’t be in the mood any more or you’ll realize that it was just wrong.

I pray we will return to the days when the government will no longer have to take these extra methods to protect us and that we will no longer have to choose any of our liberties over security. But if we have to …  I choose security. You?

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12 thoughts on “TMI: Government Snooping Scandal Should Be a Wake-Up Call For Us All

  1. Free Mind on said:

    LMAO @ you coons sitting up here making excuses for Obama but when Bush did it,you were screaming “foul”…..Tom Joyner is nothing but a coon for Obama and only a non-thinking Black person would even take him seriously!

  2. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Will someone please tell me how he got that high profile job by being a high school dropout and getting kicked out of the military. Folks ain’t talking bout that. Where was the Congressional hearing when anyone could obtain the President birth certificate. You can pay $25.00 and get a background check on anybody. This isn’t anything new since we have become of the digital age. When you shop online and complete a profile they sell your information to a third party you know nothing about. How about the way they sell our mortgages from company to company. Rand Paul is just trying to look Presidential before the next election but like Mitt in the end he’s gonna look like a fool. If the government was snooping like he claimed they were he would have gotten stop when he was zeroxing the documents and he would have never made it on the plane all the way to Hong Kong. He is showing that the US needs to tighten up so it will never happen again

  3. msstarr82 on said:

    this is no scandal because it’s much ado about nothing and should be no surprise that our crooked government is behaving crookedly. i for one would be shocked if this snooping was NOT going on. there is no privacy in america!! and the constitution is a propaganda tool of fantasy and lies used to convince americans that they are something and somebody they are NOT.

  4. According to Mr. Snowden, he dropped out of high school and received a GED shortly after, he then enrolled in an IT program but did not finish. He spent a short period in the military, he broke both legs and was discharged. What were his qualifications for the job he had with NSA and the CIA? I know young people who have graduated Cum Laude and still can’t find a real job. What is up with that?

  5. codey on said:

    Tom, you are officially the propagandist for the Obama cult. Just wait until the next white president comes in and does the same shit President Obama is doing. You’ll be the first to start groaning and complaining.
    Negro, you’ve drank the kool aid and lost your damn mind!

    • Free Mind on said:

      Exactly!!!….Once a full blooded White man takes the office again,these same coons will try to hold him responsible but that politician will say “not so fast because you did not hold Obama accountable”.

  6. And YOUR supermarket shopping list is public information too…if you use a reward card guess what?..you got it! It’s public information..your supermarket can look up everything you bought probably since the 70’s..if you used your checks or check cards. Everybody knows some of you women actually wear a size 18 but you telling people on the phone you wear 16..Your local retailer knows the truth..can’t hide it! lOL.

  7. O well it don;t matter to me….I don’t know why people haven’t realized by now that talking on the phone is actually public information. Ok college people listen up..can you see this MESSAGE? Well then duh!..& it’s the same as if you were talking on the phone..it’s public! telephones are like walkie-talkies but much much more sophisticated…& again Duh. Ya’ll should know that..lOL…Talking all that crap behind people’s back…yeah we all know now! lOL.

  8. Tom,
    Millions of Americans do not realize that once you “connect”
    to the Internet you become a part of the Internet.
    You cannot hide, you cannot keep any secretes. All data is
    accessible and vulnerable if you have the right software.
    Even telephone networks which are digital are vulnerable and
    should be monitored for potential planning of attacks.

    I have worked for Fl Dept. of Education as a Internet Consultant,
    worked with NASA conducting Internet testing and even taught
    Social Media and technology at an HBCU.

    The pervasiveness of the Internet has been this way since its
    development. There is a new war, a new challenge of digital terrorism, even with the actions of China and their Cyberassaults. If the NSA needs to track potential terrorist then they should use all tools available.

    I have seen how data has been intercepted and tracked, from
    emails to video these are tools or protocols that can be used to
    plan attacks to kill one individual or thousands. I agree with you
    when you make the statement, “the world has drastically changed since 9/11”

    People must understand that the world has changed and is changing, it will never be the same again and unfortunately some of our rights will be violated for the greater good of
    us all.

    Wm Jackson, M.Ed.
    Educational Technology Teacher
    Blogger, Speaker

  9. Bubba on said:

    GOV. SNOPPING is OLD [Ancient] NEWS: Have you heard of the Patriot’s Act??? and before the Patriot’s Act, our right to Privacy, under the 4th Amend., have been gone long, long, time undergo under J. Edgar Hoover.

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