Can’t get enough Beyoncé?

If you’re not tired of her yet, like many of us, the grown woman is telling it like it is in her new yet to be titled album.

We know this because her brand new song “Grown Woman” was just leaked all over the Net.

Get it if you can. The new song, produced by Timbaland and penned by The Dream resonates with its tribal beats and chants with frenetic energy. (listen below)

So you already know when the album comes out, it’s going to be fierce.

Beyoncé is enforcing herself in a real way.

In the meantime, rumors are still circulating about whether or not Bey is preggers, especially after postponing her Belgium appearance during her “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.”

Her hubby did, however clear the air over the radio, telling the world that she is not pregnant and the concert will go on.

2 thoughts on “New Beyoncé Song ‘Grown Woman’ Leaks [LISTEN]

  1. Anne on said:

    LOVE THE SONG! Hope she releases it soon. Great beat to dance to, great melody to sing along to, it’s different from what’s on the radio right now in a good way.

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