Sheree Whitfield is a handful.

The woman resisted Iyanla Vanzant’s life advice and questioned her motives, offered a few tips to former fellow reality star NeNe Leakes, and updated viewers on Chateau Sheree during a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen.

It was an interesting conversation.

She totally dismissed Iyanla as a life coach, saying the whole thing was a set up. Does this sound familiar?

“I really didn’t learn anything from Iyanla; it actually went in a whole different direction than what I was told,” she said.  “I was really misled.”

Sheree and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield, were set to get some advice and reconciliation tools during their session with the OWN life coach. But not much really came of the meeting.

“What I did take out of it… just me growing and that I can’t control other people’s actions. I can only react, and I choose to do my thing,” said Sheree.

And as far as her dream home, it’s a work in progress not to rush.

“Chateau Sheree needs its own show,” joked Sheree. “I’m still working on it. It takes time. It takes time. I’m not rushing. It’s going to be right.”

It’s been two years since Sheree first started the project and it’s still not complete. “Married to Medicine” star, Toya Bush-Harris offered to purchase the spot, but Sheree is relentless and wants that house built.

As far as her relationship with NeNe, don’t expect that to be better any time soon.

It seems these TV divas won’t be friends… ever! However Sheree doesn’t plan to get involved with NeNe’s negativity.

“I don’t understand why you feel the need to continue to talk about me because I’m not talking about you,” she said. “I don’t think about you.”

(Photo: Retna)

13 thoughts on “Sheree Whitfield: ‘I Really Didn’t Learn Anything From Iyanla’

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  2. Here is what my observation has been with Iyanla Vanzant , and it is again just my opinion. You will not benefit from Iyanla if you think you already have all the answers, or if you are not willing to take suggestions, or make a positive change in your life. Consequently, what Iyanla offers is unique and it is not for everyone. She is for those persons, who have done some spiritual work already, and not in fear base thinking or ego driven hysteria, but for people who are willing and ready to clean out the core of your problems that have been hidden deep in your soul.

  3. Sheree first mistake was thinking she could learn anything from Ivyanla. How can anyone learn ANYTHING from Iyanla Vanzant REALLY!!! She is in no place to give advise to anyone look at her own life. Married – NO, divorced – TWICE….PLEASE Iyanla wouldn’t know a healthy relationship if it double slapped her twice. Totally the wrong person to be looking for advice from.

  4. Sheree is a wounded woman. Her husband never loved her and she is bitter. Nevertheless, the children will grow up and have a choice of seeing their dad. She is going to be alone. She has to change. I really felt sorry for her. She cannot SEE!! Her heart and mind are both closed. In addition, that empty hole she is trying to fill with material things will never fill up. Until Sheree see herself, she will not make any changes. She is trying to stay relevant.

  5. redbone1954 on said:

    she can’t learn anything from anybody including her own ignorant mistakes.How in the world is she building a home and she has no money she needs to stop and realize that she is just like everybody else BROKE

    • sharon johnson on said:

      Sheree only housewive didn’t get sucessful to fake get real u talked about nene teeth that’s past u didn’t have nothing better she’s got money ther
      Y pretty now u jest jealous

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