Two Latin King gang members have been arrested and arraigned in last month’s shooting death of Bronx teenager Alphonza Bryant, the New York Daily News reports.

Officials in Rhode Island extradited 21-year-old Raul Pacheco and 23-year-old Eric Landron to New York last week. A judge charged them with murder and criminal possession of a weapon Tuesday. They were also ordered held without bail.

Bryant was with friends on a street corner in The Bronx’s Foxhurst section April 22 when Pacheco and Landron allegedly walked up and began shooting at the group, aiming at rival gang members. Bryant was shot in the chest and later died of his wound.

The intended targets had left the corner mere minutes before the shooting, according to prosecutors. Bryant was killed weeks before he was set to graduate from Urban Assembly Bronx Studio For Writers And Artists.

Commenting on the arrests, Bryant’s mother appeared sorry for everyone involved. “It’s a shame,” Jenaii Van Doten told the Daily News. “But at the same time, we lost three young men because these two will go to jail for the murder of my son.”

A grand jury is expected to present evidence of Pacheco and Landron’s involvement in Bryant’s murder Friday.

In an essay she wrote for the News last week, Bryant said Stop & Frisk could’ve saved her son’s life. “Some people are saying stop-and-frisks are terrorizing our kids,” she said. “Some kids need to be terrorized. Maybe my son wouldn’t have been shot if the right kids were terrorized.”

Though she made it clear that the tactic needs to be modified so that it does not unfairly target people who are not breaking the law.

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