The United States’ judicial system is cracking down on drunk drivers especially repeat offenders. Timothy Morrow found that out when he was sentenced to 13 years in jail after racking up eight DUIs.

Timothy Morrow has been in and out of the court since he was 17 due to his excessive drinking problem. Morrow’s brushes with thelaw have been a constant for years on end and the judge finally agreed to stop giving this guy chance after chance. In the court hearing, the Chicago prosecutor Ben Dillon called Morrow the “grim reaper to every driver on the road.” Dillon went on to say, “It defies logic. It is clear this defendant just doesn’t get it and doesn’t care.”

Despite having been convicted of DUIs multiple times and being cited for other drunk driving offenses, Timothy Morrow still tried to sway the judge towards a lighter sentence. Morrow told the court the reason why he is an excessive drinker. Morrow told the court he was abused as a child and the police wouldn’t help him when he reported the incidents. Obviously, his plea copping didn’t work.  The judge said while it was good to know the reason behind his problem, but lots of abused children don’t drive drunk all of the time.

Now that you’ve gotten all of the facts, does the punishment fit the crime(s)?

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2 thoughts on “Man Gets 13 Years In Prison For DUI

  1. Genifer Johnson on said:

    My best friend of over 30 years was killed by a repeat offender drunk driver. He only got three years. Let him dry out before he kills someone.

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