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Last week was a shock to the heart, for everyone involved, when we found out Porsha Stewart was slapped with divorce papers.

The lovable reality show star was bragging about how she loves being a submissive wife, but was suddenly thrown off guard when she found out that her husband Kordell Stewart don’t want her anymore.

Despite all that drama, word is that she may still be living in the house with her soon-to-be ex-husband.

According to, Porsha gets up in the morning to get dressed before leaving the house for the day, and she stays gone until well after the sun goes down. Supposedly, she doesn’t step foot back into the house until she’s ready to go to sleep.

Whatever the reason she continues to live with him is a mystery, but there is a chance her continued stay could help her case when they do finally go to divorce court.

Allegedly, if she leaves the house, she runs the risk of being accused of “abandoning the home,” a strike against her for the divorce.

In the meantime, Porsha was spotted in New York recently, smiling during a red carpet moment.

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3 thoughts on “Huh?! Porsha and Kordell Stewart Still Dwelling Together?

  1. steve call on said:

    up to I saw the check which said $7079, I be certain that my friend was like they say realie bringing home money in there spare time on there computar.. there uncles cousin had bean doing this for less than 11 months and by now cleard the morgage on their place and purchased a great new Renault 5. I went here………..

  2. Porsha move on and leave that gay fool everyone knows he like men and was just using her to look good she was the best thing that happen to that ugly fool kordell.

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