Ben Carson, the world-renowned African American neurosurgeon, could be the new black face of the Republican Party.

Considered a rising star in the conservative movement, Carson has implied that he’s open to running for president and proved he certainly isn’t shy about criticizing President Barack Obama.

Carson, 61, who grew up in Detroit, says Obama is dangerously divisive.

“Let’s say somebody were [in the White House] and they wanted to destroy this nation,” Carson said during last month’s National Prayer Breakfast. “I would create division among the people, encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country, undermine the financial stability of the nation, and weaken and destroy the military. It appears coincidentally that those are the very things that are happening right now.”

And this past weekend, during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Carson received a standing ovation after he speculated about what could happen “if you magically put me in the White House.”

Republicans can hardly contain their excitement about Carson mentioning the “White House” at a political confab.

I don’t have a problem with Carson jumping into politics. And I don’t have a problem with Carson running for president as a Republican if he plans to call out Republican leaders for being racially insensitive, racially divisive, and unresponsive to minority voters.

If Carson seriously intends to run for the highest office in the land, then he should be honest about the Republican Party and shake up the party by telling the truth.

But when Carson told conservatives that the Affordable Care Act should be dismantled; and that wealthy Americans have always given back; and that people are not going hungry on the streets, that government social programs are providing for them, his  rhetoric sounded like it came straight out the Republican political playbook.

And Carson didn’t stop there. He also took aim at blacks who chastised him for criticizing Obama.

“When did we reach a point where you have to have a certain philosophy because of the color of your skin?” Carson asked.

Carson is a brilliant neurosurgeon and could possibly become a brilliant politician, but even with the best of intentions, Carson would have an uphill battle changing the entrenched mindset of some bigoted Republicans who refuse to acknowledge America’s rapidly changing racial demographics.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Carson is flirting with Republican politics at a time when Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus announced that Republicans plan to spend $10 million this year on a campaign to reach out to black and Hispanic voters.

“We’re going to be announcing a $10 million initiative just this year and it will include hundreds of people, paid across the country, from coast-to-coast, in Hispanic and African American, Asian communities, talking about our party, talking about our brand, talking about what we believe in,” Priebus said Sunday on “Face the Nation.”

“We have become a party that parachutes into communities four months before an election,” said Priebus. “In comparison to the other side, the Obama campaign lived in these communities for years. The relationships were deep, they were authentic.”

Does this speech-making sound familiar? It should. Republicans always talk about minority outreach after they get a political beat down.

But Carson is a Republican’s dream candidate: He grew up in poverty but became one of the world’s most celebrated pediatric neurosurgeons.

And he’s black.

It doesn’t matter if Carson runs for president in 2016 because he’s already emerging as a powerful voice in the Republican Party and  says he’s impressed with Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, an ultra-conservative and Tea Party favorite.

I just hope Carson uses his voice to push for racial inclusion within the GOP instead of simply going along to get along.

(Photo: AP)

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44 thoughts on “Ben Carson, Black Neurosurgery Pioneer, Blasts Obama at GOP Confab

  1. Calisto on said:

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  2. gullagal on said:

    Another apologist to the Far Right, say whatever to make them feel comfortable and “safe” from the big bad Black man. It appears Dr. Carson is just another chicken licking, watermelon patch stealing, smiling protector, and supporter of Mr. Charlie. Go figure.

  3. Dr. Carson, what a disappointment you turned out to be. I feel sorry for your mom if she is still alive to witness you making such a fool of yourself. Maybe you should stick to surgery. You’ll get a lot more respect that way. You’ll only be used to divide then you will go the way of Michael Steele.

  4. What a pf disappointment. It appears wealth trumps everything- morals, character, compassion any type of empathy to the less fortunate. Being poor in the U.S. these days is practically a crime. Shame on you Dr. Carson. I hope your self-righteousness and your wealth feed your spirit. I find it hard to believe you call yourself a Christian.

  5. floyd_son on said:

    Go for it! Mr Carson if you believe your rhetoric is going to be any different than the repubs who got bypassed and/or voted out this last cycle. Remember this, though, you’re “not” running against the person you’re criticizing… if that has any bearing on what you should say to gain notoriety, especially among the minority voters and majority sane people who voted Barack Obama BACK into office for the “SECOND” time… did I say the 2nd time or twice…

    • Cindy Cruz on said:

      Just the fact Obama got re-elected shows how far the US has fallen!
      Just the fact our choices for President the past 16 years include: Al Gore, Bush, Kerry Obama, McCain and Romney… shows how far we have fallen!
      Our poor choices have bankrupted this nation spiritually, morally and economically

  6. Ivan Cohen on said:

    Use his voice to push for inclusion within the GOP, the good doctor is going to end up as fish food for Republican barracudas.

  7. Cindy Cruz on said:

    He is a contrast to Obama, Dr. Ben Carson rose from poverty to become a world renouned doctor, unlike Obama who was raised in private schools, and had the world given to him, then chose to teach hatred and divisiveness as a community organizer. It’s like one is merely a talker, and the other is a doer, one has moral compass, one talks about moral compass. One lives a good christian life, one talks about a good christian life. Notice a pattern?

    • Nona Lisa on said:

      Chose to teach hatred and divisiveness? First off, you’re lying (but that’s typical of a CONservative such as yourself, so no surprise there). Second, what do think you’re on here doing? Are your constant Iies and vitrioIs the “wholesome, Christian” behavior we all should adhere to? Just like all the other Repubs, you are a true hypocrite to the bone. And as for your iII-informed belief that Carson speaks the truth, when it comes to his comment that the wealthy always give to charity, he’s not exactly speaking the truth. Hard working, middle-class Americans give far more to charity than the rich. THAT’S the truth. Look it up.

      • Cindy Cruz on said:

        Nona Nona Nona….. Your blindness is laughable. First of All, Dr Carson never said the wealthy always give to charity. The hard truth is that conservitive bible believing Christains far out give God hating Liberals. Look at Biden, Gore and Kerry as examples… they make millions and gave less than $1000 to charity.

      • WardMD on said:

        Are you a complete MORON, or just a Kool-Aid drinker?

        Are you not aware of Obama’s teaching days in Chicago? Obama spent years teaching workshops on the Saul Alinsky method (“Rules for Radicals”).

  8. Braveman on said:

    I love Dr. Carson .

    He accomplished who he is and what he has by good old-fashioned hard work and his American work ethic.

    He did not and was not sitting around waiting on someone from “de gummint” to give him that which was worked for and earned by other Americans.

    We need more Black American men (real men) like Dr. Carson.

    He educated himself, “married” the woman of his dreams, raised his children in a love-filled, God-filled home; and did it all without “gummint handouts or programs”. (What a shame….all that knowledge and intelligence, and he wasted it by being a neurosurgeon, when he could have been a “Community Organizer”… off of the money of real working people)

    Go figure.

    • So how exactly did he afford Yale? On his mom’s salary? I’m guessing he did indeed get a handout called scholarship. That money is either from the government or from tax deductible contributions to the college. If I’m wrong and he took out loans or worked his way through Yale, then wow, that really is walking the walk.

      • Cindy Cruz on said:

        Hi Misha,
        Interesting That Dr Carson is an open book with his College background. Tell me why has Obama sealed ALL of his College Records? What is Obama hiding? Shouldnt you be more concerned about that?

    • Nona Lisa on said:

      It’s always funy how you Cons love to go on about people “depending on the ‘gubmint’. Does this beautiful sentiment go for poor folks living in Appalachia too? Why don’t I hear these words coming from you in regards to these Wall Street fat cats and their crimes? Spending MY and other hard-working class taxpayer dollars on MORE underserved bonuses. Corporate welfare ring a bell? Of course it doesn’t, because in Repub fantasy land, all of the wealthy work so hard and should never, ever be judged — not even when they do something wrong to the point of affecting the nation as a whole. Much of these “hard-working” rich folks earn money off the backs of their REAL hard-working employees, some being classified as the working poor. Don’t believe it? CEO of Wal-Mart, makes over 110,000 AN HOUR. Some of these “hard-working” rich folks make more of their income from investments (hence the low pay in taxes). I’m all for people who work hard and earn their way. I love it. What I don’t care for are the high-and-mighty judgemental attitudes coming from some in the top 2% (and their smaller-class conservative supporters) looking down on ones who DO work and are struggling while trying their best and may need some help. Successful people like Carson didn’t get where he is by his lonesome. Everyone needs a little help — financially and emotionally — to succeed in life. NO ONE can do it by themselves.

      • Cindy Cruz on said:

        Oye… Nona LIsa… Perhaps you did not realize it, but the Waltons contributed to the Obama campaign and voted for Obama. Walmart is the biggest supporter of moving jobs through outsourcing to China for cheap goods. That has made them wealthy and the Govenrment icluding Obama supports thenm in doing it as long as he?Obama gets a cut on the action through donations. Dont be so niave…

  9. Braveman on said:

    lisa on March 20, 2013 at 12:09 pm said:

    Reply ↓

    Hey lisa,

    Have you ever heard of that wonderful document called the Constitution of the United States ???

    It is the foundation on which all of our laws and rights are based.

    It is obvious that you and people like you have never bothered to read it or worse, tried to get even the tiniest inkling of what it is or what it means.

    You are truly a “Low Information Voter” !!!

    How sad….for you and the entire nation !!!

  10. smsmsm on said:

    Blacks wish Obama had conservative and moral value that Dr. Carson have, but he don’t so they are stuck with Obama, and they as so disappointed in him especially his push to promote homosexual and lesbian marriage.

  11. Why is he so mad at the president? You are just a fool just like McCain and Steel was. Once they get you hook then you will be kick out like them. Wake up and smell the coffee. Please don’t be a ASS to this republician party.

  12. CPris on said:

    I did have great respect for Dr. Ben Carson. Raised by an illiterate mother, who made ends meet barely. And who probably prayed that no one got sick. It has really been an eye opener and very disappointing to see him allign himself with today’s Republican Party. The very programs that got him into medical school and where he is today goes against what today’s Republican party believes in. He has disappointed so many people. But we must remember, that people do forget where they came from.

  13. The doc’s career achievements speak for themselves; his credibility as a physician is virtually without peer; his charitable endeavors are also to be respected.
    He’s obviously entitled to his political views, but he won’t be running for office any time soon, if ever. The current Republican party only “anoints” those blacks who are not just “conservative” but hardcore right-wing cheerleaders who scarcely have anything in common with historical “black republicans” of the distant past.
    Really, his views on health care reform are deplorable. He speaks of parents needing to start a “health care fund” for their children either at birth or even before, along the lines of a college fund, presumably as a backstop to potentially life-altering medical-care bills (thus creating a potentially maddening quandary– save for your child’s college education or for hopefully-this-won’t-cause-bankruptcy out-of-pocket medical bills). He says nothing about the internal industry policies that make medical care exorbitantly expensive and only modestly annoying for the rich. He needs to re-read Matthew 17:24-27 and Matthew 22:15-22 for starters to see how today’s wealthy class have assigned themselves virtual royalty status in their hyper-animosity toward taxes and their reflexive disdain for the poor. I dare anyone to read the recent Time Magazine extended feature article on health care costs, which are only nominally addressed by the Affordable Care Act. Plenty of “non-profit” hospitals have prices that are exponentially higher than the actual cost of the product or service– and this has been a standard routine for decades now. It’s not uncommon for the salary of an executive director of a University-affiliated hospital to dwarf that of the University president.
    If the good doctor is such a believer in Biblical principles, then he needs to take into account the concept of caring for those who have the least. In today’s America, the lepers would be kicked out of emergency rooms for not having an insurance card, and possibly arrested as bio-terrorists. I don’t care what any stupid wannabe “righeous Christian warrior” says, today’s status quo on health care access is unconscionable

  14. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    Doc I just lost all respect for you. One black man of importance critizing another black man of importance. Who is being decisive here? The white man does not care about you at all. Be a pawn in his game. Being brain smart obviously has nothing to do with common sense.

  15. Nestor on said:

    He’ll need bodyguards like Herman Cain before the Republican primaries take off. You can talk/act crazy and get elected in some parts of the country but most parts the citizens will vote against you so I ain’t worried.

  16. If Ben Carson would be considered to run for the POTUS only if he is a Free Mason or planning to bow his knees and pledge an oath to satan. Somehow he doesn’t strike me as someone who is willing to be another puppet of the illuminati drive the United States into the New World Order.

  17. I respect Dr Carson as a Neurosurgeon – but as a politician – no RESPECT AT ALL!!! – Please leave the President alone. Dr Carson-what is wrong with your BRAIN?????



  18. My 12 year old son read all Dr. Carson books and decided at age 10 that he wanted to be a Pediatric Neurosurgeon. Although his military dad is his hero, he wants to be a doctor like Dr. Carson. But he also love President Obama. He wrote letters to both men and received a reply from both. These letters were placed in frames and proudly displayed in his room. I pray that Dr. Carson leave politics to the Politicians and concentrate on medicine. When will influential adults realize that our children do look up to them. Lord help us!

  19. I wouldn’t have any problem with this guy, if he didn’t keep his mouth shut, while receiving awards and medal from Bush, while Bush was destroying the economy, and was starting wars on lies.

  20. A perfect puppet. Another Michael Steele. And trust and believe Dr. Carson will be used and abused just like Mike. This is exactly the Republicans downfall, they think minorities are stupid, that we don’t see right through their shallow asses. Republicans we get it, you’re the best at criticism but what about offering solutions?

  21. Kenneth on said:

    You may be a pediatric neurosurgeon; preeminent in your field but you are clearly a willie lynch negro. For you to have the status you do and then try to denigrate what the most powerful man in the world is doing and you look him is unbelievable. As a former educator I use to recommend your books to my fourth and fifth grade students; I truly regret having done son at this time. I was at a convention in DC some 8-9 years ago and met a surgeon that is on staff at JHopkins and she indicated you were an anal aperture (my words).. I now totally agree with the young lady. It is best Dr. Carson that you stick to surgery and leave politics to our folks that are far more sophisticated than you are. YOU CAN’T SEE THAT THE republicans are using you negro.. Get a grip!

  22. White people are always trying to get us to turn on each other and we fall right into their traps, Ben being an educated Man you should know better and even if you don’t agree with the President please don’t dog him in front of the devils, and how much they are only using you to try to get Black people votes so they can get in the white house and it won’t be you. How much you want to bet they will turn on you just like they did herman cain. Wake up Ben. Hillary 2016.

  23. Ben come on don’t you know when your being use, you will not make it into the White House please we are our own worst enemy, please wake up and stop falling into the devil trap.

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