Music legend, Chaka Khan is featured on the cover of Billboard’s first-ever augmented reality cover! Chaka’s hair may as well be as iconic as her singing because on the cover–honey it is lalalala-laid! I know you’re wondering–what in the world is a augmented reality cover? Basically what the image does is bring print to life. The cover works in conjunction to Printergize–an augmented reality app that allows the cover to come to life on

Now that we’re all on the same page–this issue of Billboard is also the Stars Tribute issue, which celebrates Chaka’s 40 years in music. While logged on to Chaka’s site, you’re able to see her 100 Days of Chaka campaign which marks the 100 days from her 60th birthday (March 23) to the anniversary of the release of her first recorded album with Rufus, “Rufus” (July 1, 1973) 40 years ago. You will literally watch Chaka’s career on a daily basis!

That’s not all! The 100 Days of Chaka will end with the launch of The iKhan Project: Alive! The Commemorative Edition, which is a CD and DVD featuring music projects recorded in R&B, pop, jazz, gospel, rock, country, classical and dance. With this project, Chaka is trying to recreate the thrill of performing music in the same room with the producer.

And if Chaka felt like she didn’t have enough on her plate, there’s more. She will launch the “I’m Every Woman World Tour,” produce her own television specials, release an updated version of her memoir, “Through The Fire,” relaunch her website, relaunch her signature gourmet chocolates, Chakalates and launch her Khana Sutra candles.

“I am especially happy about my Billboard Tribute issue; this is the first time in my career that I have been honored in this way,” Chaka said in a statement. I’m so amazed by this woman. Here she is celebrating 40 years in music, and her career is still thriving and she’s even opened herself up to to the business world. If she’s not motivation, I don’t know what is!

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