The director is planning to make a post-slavery Black Western, likely because he hated “Django,” according to a report by The Root.

“I was deeply hurt by the movie. I was deeply offended by the movie. The movie made me angry,” Daniels said. “[Quentin Tarantino] has no right to our word; he has no right to that n-word. None. None. And thank you, Spike Lee, for speaking up and for having the balls to speak up. Thank God Spike Lee finally spoke up. I thought I was going crazy. Nobody else said anything; it was like everybody else thought it was great. No, it’s not great for you to use ‘n*gger,’ man! Who do you think you are? I can’t talk about it because it’s very upsetting. And I’m expressing my opinion just like everybody expresses their opinion about my films one way or the other … There were great performances in the film. But I think African Americans, because we’re so hungry to see ourselves on the big screen, we’ll see anything.”

So like any reasonable person who complains about something not being right, he’s taking on his own project to right the wrong with a different version of the Black rebellion story.

“I got one in my repertoire coming; I got one coming,” he said. “Yep, I’m developing something. It’s not during slavery but right after slavery.”

(Photo: PR Photos)

6 thoughts on “Lee Daniels Hated Tarantino’s ‘Django’ – Making Post Slavery Film

  1. Sol Invictus on said:

    Complaining about white slaveowners calling black slaves the N-word in a movie set during slavery is about as dumb as complaining that there were anti-Semitic characters in Schindler’s List. Jesus.

  2. Hey – like it or not- Spike was right. And to me – I’m thinking what’s entertaining about slavery?
    I wouldn’t watch it if the thing came on T.V. in prime time.

  3. Black Humba on said:

    Either get use to it or start your own nation…… Don’t discriminate against the gays who have taken spotlight…… Got land? Good luck on your nation building projects!

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