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Out of the dusty caves of the past crawls the memory of that dreary time in Bishop Eddie Long’s life – “The First Lady,” the story of (and by) Centino Kemp, a young man who claims to have been led into the sexual secrets of the church leader.

In the book he discusses the struggles he encounters as he deals with understanding his own sexuality and the cards life has dealt him.

Centino comes from the Bahamas and quickly adapted, finding new avenues to connect. Religion and church life quickly became his safe haven and new family.

He covers a variety of controversy including love, sex, rape, downlow-ism, church corruption, and secret societies. At the end of the day, Centino became known as the pastor’s “first lady.”

The book is complete but Cenino hasn’t announced a publish date.

Church Leaders with Legal Problems
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3 thoughts on “Eddie Long Victim, Centino Kemp, Publishes Tell-All Book

  1. A tell all Book- I beg to differ. Sounds like you’re going to tell how Eddie Long turned you into a prostitute- YEAH- that’s exactly what he did. YOU GAVE UP YOUR BODY FOR MONEY AND MATERIAL THINGS AND NOW YOU FEEL STUPID BECAUSE NOW YOU REALIZE HE USED YOU FOR HIS OWN SEXUAL GRATIFICATION. You should feel stupid. Black men always look for the easy way out. Some sleep with fat, ugly white women for money and these black men bent over for an old man wearing a wig. It’s mind boggling to me.

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