Beyonce may be catching flack for possibly lip-synching the national anthem at the Obama inauguration, but she doesn’t have to worry ’cause her fans and numerous celebrities, including Milli Vanilli’s Fab Morvan, have got her back

When asked about the lip-sync scandal, the queen of soul Aretha Franklin said she laughed when she heard Beyonce hadn’t sung live. She thinks the whole ‘scandal’ is silly.

“When I heard the news this evening that she was pre-recorded I really laughed,” Franklin said in an interview ABC News. “I thought it was funny because the weather down there was about 46 or 44 degrees and for most singers that is just not good singing weather. When I heard that I just really cracked up. I thought it was really funny, but she did a beautiful job with the pre-record … next time I’ll probably do the same.”

If you recall, Franklin memorably sang “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” at President Obama’s first inaugural in 2009.

Asked about the “scandal” on “The Daily Show,” Jennifer Lopez said she understood situations in which singers opt to lip sync, and it was no big deal to her.

“Sometimes it happens when you are in certain stadiums and certain venues and things, they do pre-record stuff because you’re going to have that terrible slapback,” JLo told Jon Stewart.

Former “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler told TMZ the lip-syncing didn’t matter because, well, it’s Beyonce.

“Beyonce’s so hot she can do anything,” he said. “Let’s just get real.”

Meanwhile, others took to Twitter to come to Bey’s defense. Bravo host Andy Cohen and singer Myleene Klass were just some of the celebs commenting on the controversy.

“I don’t get what’s outrageous about lip-syncing to your OWN vocals?” Klass wrote. “Not exactly Milli Vanilli.”

And speaking of Milli Vanilli, Fab Morvan, the remaining member of the discraced lip-synching duo also gave TMZ his thoughts about the situation:

“It’s hard to believe, in this day of auto-tune, that people are still acting surprised [by Beyonce lip-syncing.]”

He adds, “Everyone knows Beyonce can sing. Everyone should just step back and relax. There are far more important things to worry about. But I can certainly relate to what she’s going through.”

(Photo: AP)

7 thoughts on “Aretha, Lopez Defend Beyonce in Lip Sync ‘Scandal’

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  2. Every musician knows that instruments can go flat as well as crack in very cold weather. The voice is also an instrument, subject to the same fluctuations. She obviously didn’t trust her voice not to betray her under such conditions. Smart thinking that she pre-recorded to avoid weather-related blunders at such a momentous event. At least it was HER voice and not that of someone else!

  3. All events of this inauguration should have been true and genuine in which they were except beyonce’s, it was a lack of disrespect for this presidential occassion. All singers who are coming to her defense knows this trick well because they have been fakers themselves.

  4. People really need to calm down and stop complaining about EVERYTHING. Its not like singers haven’t “lip synced” in the past. Its not like it has NEVER been done before. I’m sure Beyonce has done it at some point in her career like most singers. It happens. Why should anyone care. Add to that the cold weather AND Re Re’s comment on it. This story should not have the legs and talk that it does honestly!! SO WHAT!!!! I’d like to see someone actually sing in the cold and come back and tell how that worked out…

  5. Denice Bellinger on said:

    Let me see any one of you sing in those cold and windy conditions and then come back and talk to me. It was cold as the North Pole in DC, the wind was blowing and anything could go wrong when you’re performing live. So she pre-recorded her own voice. It’s a lot of pressure singing in front a crowd that large. Had something gone wrong, everybody would be blaming her for that too. As a professional, she wanted to make sure nothing went wrong on the most important day of the election — The Inauguration. Even better — President Barack Obama’s Inauguration. Dah!! That’s a no brainer. It’s not like Milly Vanilly. At least she can sing!!! STOP HATING, PEOPLE!! I would’ve done the same thing..

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