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Comedians are part of a very special fraternity. It takes unique skill to draw upon the world’s problems (as well as their own) to illicit a laugh. In recent months comedian Katt Williams has been on a one man arrest spree leading many to speculate about his mental state.

Must Watch: Marlon Wayans: ‘A Haunted House’ Is Better Than Those Other Bulls**t Parodies! [EXCLUSIVE]

Marlon Wayans, who aspires to play once troubled comedian Richard Pryor, can understand more than anyone what Katt is going through. While discussing his new film “A Haunted House” and upcoming shows, TheUrbanDaily asked him what advice he’d offer his friend and peer Katt Williams.

“I love Katt, Katt’s a friend,”  Marlon tells TheUrbanDaily.com.”Part of me doesn’t want to give him advice. Because the way he jumped up and hit that Target employee [was funny].”

Marlon-Wayans-TheUrbanDaily-630-378Watch the clip for his thoughts on Katt’s recent actions and check out more originals on TheUrbanDaily:

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