Blue Ivy Carter is no stranger to luxurious amenities. The daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce is known to play in hot tubs, sport designer footwear and sail the Mediterranean Sea on a yacht.

So, it comes as no surprise that Jay would want to set up his little girl with some posh digs when he’s watching Brooklyn Nets games at the Barclays Center. According to Us Weekly, the “Watch the Throne” rapper rents a nursery downstairs for baby Blue — and it’s not cheap.

“Jay rents a luxurious basement suite for $1 million a year,” a source tells the magazine. “It has an area for Blue filled with toys.” And the space does double-duty as a hangout for Jay’s adult pals. “It’s all glass with a champagne bar and TV screen,” says the source. “Jay lets friends use his digs when he’s not there.”

Sounds as if the suite would make a nice backdrop for Blue’s first birthday bash. That’s right, baby Carter turns 1 this week.

2 thoughts on “Blue Ivy Given $1-Million-A-Year Nursery At Barclays Center

  1. Debbie on said:

    I would like to see pics of the baby as well, but I know they have to keep some things private….I would actually like to see a wedding picture more than the baby’s picture….I am sure Bey was a beautiful bride….

  2. Serpentine on said:

    Still can’t get with this…no problem showing the baby a few weeks old, but the baby is almost one and still only pics of baby being covered with blanket, or at a distance, or in the dark, or with her head turned. The only thing everyone knows is that this baby has curly hair. A photo album this is not.

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