Finally, this weekend we got a look at the huge rock Ryan Press dropped on Brandy‘s finger.

Press popped the question to Brandy on Christmas Day and since then people have been clamoring to see the singer’s engagement ring.

After many days of waiting, Brandy finally posted a photo of herself on vacation with her soon-to-be hubby as she posed in the perfect position to show off the big diamond. (see below)



No word on the type or carat of the ring. but from the looks of how it stands out on her dainty hand; it is a nice one!

We are waiting on a close-up shot, Brandy, but until then check out other celebrity engagement rings in our “Bling-Bling: Celebrity Engagement Rings” photo gallery.  Where does Brandy’s rank?

(Photos :Instagram)

3 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: Brandy’s Engagement Ring (Photos)

  1. Brandy has not matched her peak but her music is still out there and popular and she just had a number one album and number three, top 3 single, sounds pretty good to me. All popular singer reach the point where she is right now. But she’s still young, beautiful, and successful. She’s also appearing on The Game as a regular after becoming very popular on The Game last season and I hope she will return for a third season on Drop Dead Diva. I’m glad to see her back and engaged. Much happiness, Bran!!!

  2. Mizz V on said:

    Really?? She sure is trying too hard to make a come back! This is considered “news” now for BAW? A new low for you guys! Brandy is a has been, she had her time (and let’s be honest, she wasn’t that good then) and will never recoup it, so why is the media trying so hard to put her back into the lime light?

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