I was sipping a beer inside Cowboys Stadium and waiting for the kickoff when I overheard two African American women criticizing Robert Griffin III, the superstar rookie quarterback of the Washington Redskins.

The emotional beat down of Griffin was harsh and had absolutely nothing to do with football but everything to do with his choice of female companionship.

“Why is RG3 dating a white girl?” one angry black woman asked her girlfriend. “I guess black women aren’t good enough for him.”

“I’m just tired of it,” said another black woman.

And so it began: The public discussion of RG3’s private life – a life where football and race collide.

I really don’t care who RG3 dates. The heart wants what the heart wants. I have long-time friends and family members who are involved in interracial relationships – and marriages — people who I love dearly. I embrace their unions unconditionally.

Still, since there are many black women in my life, I do understand intellectually why some black women are upset with Griffin and I’m realizing that the disappointment over the young football sensation goes well beyond Cowboys Stadium.

“There is a certain amount of hurt, as well as anger, for many black women when they see successful black men with white women,” said one black female educator from Washington, D.C.

“Black women have often been denigrated in all kinds of ways in society as the least desirable social commodity,” said the woman, a devout Redskins fan. “For some, seeing a brother who has not just the trappings of success, but who carries himself well, shows great leadership qualities and serves as a role model to young black boys choose a white woman over a sister, is just a punch in the gut.”

The 90,000 fans who show up at Fed-Ex field on Sundays – many of them black women — could probably care less who RG3 dates as long as he leads the Redskins to victory.

But in the privacy of homes, beauty salons, and nightclubs, there have been whispers about RG3’s off-the-field romance.

“It is one thing, many women say, to be rejected by men of other races, but being passed over by one of your own  hurts much, much more,” the educator said.

There is no denying that everyone is talking about RG3 — and not just black women.

President Barack Obama called Griffin “remarkable” and when Republican Sen. Marc Rubio was asked who is DC’s most outstanding leader, Rubio responded: “Robert Griffin III.”

Griffin is certainly D.C.’s most notable black celebrity. He’s a leader on the football field but he’s also a great role model for young black men in the the D.C. area. He’s a graduate of Baylor University, he’s smart, responsible, well-spoken, has never been in trouble with the law, and is serious about his public image.

At 22 years old, Griffin is already being considered for the NFL’s Rookie of The Year. He is leading the NFL in both completion percentage (70.4) and yards per attempt (8.5), while also rushing for about 500 and six touchdowns. He has thrown seven touchdowns against just three interceptions for a passer rating of 101.8 — third best in the NFL.

Moreover, Griffin could become the first rookie since 1945 to lead the NFL in these statistics.  Only two rookies in professional football history have ever led the league in both completion percentage and yards per attempt. The first was another Redskin, Sammy Baugh, in 1937; the last was Greg Cook, in the American Football League in 1969.

This past Sunday, the Redskins beat the Baltimore Ravens 31-28 in overtime, but Griffin was lying on the sideline after coming out of the game with a sprained knee late in the fourth quarter. It’s not a serious injury and Griffin — a warrior on the field — could start Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

But for now, Griffin is the talk of the league and even though he is mastering the Redskins playbook, he’s also probably learning that black women are extremely vocal when it comes to the flashpoint issue of race — and they do not suffer silently.

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139 thoughts on “Black Women: Is RG3 Down With Me?

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  6. J DAWG. on said:

    RG3 ain’t doing no more than what the average man is doing, LOOKING FOR LOVE. SKIN Color is NOT a factor anymore. so get over it. Love is Love. And those silly girls who passed him by by while he was in school are wondering in limbo. too late don’t wait til a brother get large and successful and now you wanna act nice and wanna holla,, Nope…… see you females who has this problem need to wake the freak up. When a man becomes rich and successful he’s gonna the women that rejected him and disrespected him, so all you did was let all the other white girls asian and latinos have a chance and that’s what happened, REAl TALK

  7. J DAWG. on said:

    you go lu jack…………..word up brother… now that’s real talk ,,,,loved every word you laid down brother. these girls need to wake up and stop trippn, don’t blame a good man for gett’n somebody with some common sense, that’s what all of us decent brothers want beauty and brains…..word.

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  9. leah on said:

    I am a young black woman (28) and I just want people to know that most bw my age and younger don’t care who a black man -or anyone else for that matter dates.there are way more pressing issues for us @ hand. Things such as: employment equality, education , womens rights, fashon lol. The list goes on and on…
    People please stop perpetuating this stereotype.WE DON’T CARE !!!

  10. Lujack on said:

    I have been reading these comments some of the black women on here have been saying and it borders on RIDICULOUS. For some reason some of the black women have this inflated sense of self entitlement. Guys like Robert Griffin were the good guys the ones that weren’t cool enough or didn’t have a car with rims or thug enough (MC Lyte sang the praises of the “Rough Neck” in her song) because they were focused on their future not the present, which is what a lot of black women were doing in their late teens and early twenties. Black women dated that drug dealer or the player with 3 girlfriends and they all knew about each other. All the while ignoring that smart, articulate brotha. A lot of them had babies by those guys and then the dude rolled on them (surprise surprise) or went to jail (no surprise there either) so now you’re in your late twenties, early 30’s and those same brothas you ignored are becoming successful and getting married and YOU EXPECT THAT GOOD BROTHA TO STILL BE WAITING FOR YOU WHEN YOU ARE READY TO SETTLE DOWN. Now you bitchin and saying you can’t find a good man. You know what, while you are bitchin about that you walk past good men every single day and you are STILL ignoring them. They might be a garbage man or a manager at McDonald’s yet they don’t even register because all this time you have been focused on the wrong things your entire lives and STILL are. Perfect example is when I hear them say: all the good black men are either in jail or dead. That couldn’t be farther from the truth and it’s evidence of what I’m saying. You are still focused on those same kind of men. You are disillusioned on what a good man is and it’s time you wake up in your teens (you know, BEFORE you get in your 20’s and 30’s) and stop paying attention to wrong guys and stop thinking you can date those dudes when you are young and when you get ready to settle down, expect those good brothas to still be waiting for you just because we have the same skin color. Black men dating white women has NOTHING to do with becoming successful and getting a trophy wife or slavery days and all the other BShyte. Who the fick are WE supposed to date in our 20’s while you out dating the thugs, drug dealers, and players???? The thugs and drug dealers are dead or in prison and the players have 6 kids and ran out on all of them and now you bitchin because those brothas you ignored are taken by a woman who deemed their intelligence and articulation and goodness as a attribute instead of not being cool enough. I’m just SICK of hearing all these women trying to explain why a black man is with a white woman or asian woman or whatever with this disillusioned BULLSHYTE!!! WAKE UP and start realizing what’s really important sooner instead of waiting until you are in your 30’s and single with kids by that player you messed around with in your teens and 20’s. At least try to save your daughters from repeating this perpetual cycle of misguided values. Tell them early on to value the good brothas early in life instead of waiting until you are ready to settle down or single and in your 30’s. I’m sorry but I felt I had to say this because I’m sick of it. And yes, I’m a black man and there in no bitterness no resentment or anything towards black women and it’s no slap in the face to my mother or any other female figure in my life either.

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    • Michael Rones on said:

      Leave this young man alone and let him live his life! So what he’s dating white women. That’s his business. Black women, stop hating on the man. If you didn’t have that nasty black attitude maybe he be with a black women.

  12. And besides I think RG is not a good-looking dude, he has bug eyes-if he wasn’t rich he’d be lucky to have what ever he could get.

  13. Those who hate who he dates is straight up racist. I am a white man who is attracted to all races-especially brown women. When I’ve dated them before their family usually has something negative to say about it because they want to live in a world where they are the only color, it’s sad. People like that obviously don’t have a clue about life.

  14. paleblueeyes24 on said:

    It’s simple. Anyone who has a problem with interracial couples is a racist. It goes both ways. These girls obviously think any race other than black is not good enough for a black man; well at least a successful black man. There comment about white girls only dating successful black men is BS. If one of the persons in the couple is not in the public eye then obviously you won’t see them on TV or know about them. Duh!! Stupidity at its best. There is no way for society to get over racial issues as long as there is ANY comments/seperations based on race. If you were to confront the women about there racist comments they would probably say they are not racist and have white friends.

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  19. Blogger X on said:

    in this society and world where love is such a hard thing to find, be it from parents, siblings or other “blood” family, you should be happy for anyone who manages to find a loving partner in life whether they be male, female, purple or polka dot. i don’t really have the energy to worry about the relationship of someone i will never meet, i’m trying to maintain and improve on the relationships in my own life.

  20. Michael on said:

    I guess this question will never go away. I am not sure why. I do understand that successful white women do not date unsuccessful black men. Many of these white women the athlete or successful black men date are not trash. While some are groupies looking for a payday, many of them come from upper middle class homes and higher. Lets face it successful people are around others of that same caliber of success and they find each other. In this case, this is a high school romance. What is not talked about are the many high ranking black women who are VP’s and CEO’s of companies that go home to their white husbands. Good for them. I am married to a black women and I see the perspective of black women seeing themselves as the bottom rung, because many people treat them that way including themselves. However that thinking has not stopped the many successful black women. Just as many black men used to walk around and feel inferior to their counterparts of different races. Now that a lot of that inferiority is gone, we have become more successful over the years. So black women wake up and realize that the thug will not always take you to the top and if he does often times it is fleeting. Many of these brothers you see with white women were indeed shunned by you sisters in school. I had the best of both worlds, being a top athlete and a scholar. So I had the best looking girl (a sister) in high school, but what happened when I tore my ACL. Was she there for me. No, she began to come up with excuses and moved on to the next top athlete. Where is she now, got pregnant, got married as a result, got divorced and now pregnant again. When she seems me and the success God has blessed me with I can not help but wonder what she thinks. She knew I wanted to marry her. While I am not saying a white woman would not have done the same, you do not see it as often. Now, I still married a sister but that is because I went to a HBCU. If I had studied at a mostly white institution who knows. I never saw a shortage of interest from them. People of like mentalities often mingle together and it is usually in that circle you find your soul mate. So for all of the successful black men in this country how many of them do you actually believe run into single black women cut from the same mold in the circles they are now in and the same goes for successful black women. By the way, success is not measured in bank accounts. Remember Halle tried black and was abused, he had a big bank account. Success is a state of mind. Get your minds right and you will find your Mr. or Mrs. right no matter the color.

    I also have to touch on the statement the brother posted that mentioned we as black people have taken or assimilated into the white man’s religion. Christianity was started in North Africa, what we now know of as the Middle East. It was not founded in Europe as many in the black community would want you to believe. Just because they painted a blue eyed Jesus, you believe that is the correct depiction. Now that is what I call slavery (mental).

  21. Everyone loves to speak for the BLACK WOMAN. I bet if you actually polled a generous amount of us you will find that we don’t give a fat baby’s az who black men date. You may have one or two ignoramouses that may have some self esteem issue and that becomes a problem for them but for the most part these beautiful educated powerful black women don’t give a damn. Hell most of the black men that date white women are the ones we don’t want. Black women are too busy raising the children that the black man has created but abandoned. We are too busy running businesses and juggling families. We are too busy educating ourselves so black men, white women and any other race that think they know us don’t flatter yourselves we are loved and wanted. If nothing else we love ourselves and each other. Black women we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders like the leaders God created us to be. Don’t fall vctim to this bullshit. You are beautiful and believe me I have had no problems dating outside my race so don’t buy into the “Black Woman” bashing game. Black men that have posted the negative stereo BS on here I am very disappointed in you. You have the nerve to bite the hand that feeds you and created you. How proud have you made your mom today? Shame on you.

    • Excuse me ms Bobbitt,but the black woman is not running anything but the white mans` post-millinium plantation. Carrying the weight of the world? no I think not. Black women are NOT leading ANYONE,those are another of your inflated delusions.Biting the hand that feeds you? Last time I checked,if I don`t work,i don`t eat.What kind of men are you talking about,Oh yeah,that`s a metaphor.Because some black woman was the queen of Egypt 3000years ,I am OBLIGATED to bend my knee to you if I`m some peon you are better than.Get a grip “sista” black women are no better than any one else on this planet.You are not deserving of any special treatment.DEAL WITH IT!!

  22. Mystique on said:

    I am so sick and tired of this black man with a “white” woman thing. So what? Let them date/marry white, brown, purple women. Black women should stop acting like the world is going to end because a black man has a white woman. Again, so what? Get out of this black man/black woman thing because it no longer exist. Get out and find your love. He don’t have to be a black man. I’m not rich. I have a college degree. I have a good job that pays me a very good salary and i don’t want for nothing. I feel if i want to have something in life, i’m not going to settle for less. Meaning, I don’t want to be with or marry a loud, boisterous, lazy, self-centered, black man plagued with drugs, or been in prison, who will not mean my life any good. I want someone who will measure up to my standards. And if that happened to be a white man, we fall in love, then so be it because i will not settle for less in my life. If one day i have a daughter, i will tell her the same thing.

  23. Let us rememeber that black women date/marry white men also, so this is a 2 way street. Where is the artcle about THAT? We just heard yesterday Kenya Bell is seeing a white republican. Eve reportedly has is preggy by a foreign rich white guy. Talk about this too, its not just black men.

  24. If black women are not good enough for other races, why should they be good enough for males of the black race? Do better and things will get better ladies.

  25. Candice Renee on said:

    I can’t understand how a woman can be hurt about a man whom they never knew dating a white woman. it doesn’t make any sense! Why are you hurt over someone who doesn’t even know that you exist? Why are you upset about the choice they made? People scared about the Black race being annihilated, then why didn’t we stop the gang violence that plagued our streets for years? Why are our children running rampant as if tomorrow will never come and they have nothing to lose? Why haven’t we done anything else other than complain about what everyone else has and don’t have? Quite frankly I’m sick of Blacks thinking they are their own race, last time I checked I was of human race and this color to my skin means NOTHING AT THE END OF THE DAY WHEN I MEET MY MAKER! When will Blacks wake up and smell the bullcrap that they have been rolling in, created by them? Who cares if this man knows nothing of your hood struggles, be happy that he didn’t have to go through or witness the hardships that many have to face due to ill prepared generations before them. Stop the self hatred and maybe Blacks will get somewhere in life.

  26. trammell on said:


  27. I understand Black women having a passing feeling about this now and then, but this is bordering on the ridiculous a bit.

    “For some, seeing a brother who has not just the trappings of success, but who carries himself well, shows great leadership qualities and serves as a role model to young black boys choose a white woman over a sister, is just a punch in the gut.”

    For many Black men, seeing and being a brother that carries himself well…serves as a role model, etc,…. only to be mistreated, disrespected, and seen as a material means to an end by a Black woman is more than a punch in the gut. It’s like having a knife in the back. Black women have dropped the ball on how to be the women that our mothers and grandmothers were and still are. Yet they lose their minds when a brother chooses to act on the fact that he has other options now. Brothers are getting pretty tired of hearing the old “I’m a strong Black woman…” statement. Be a woman first. Men don’t like being challenged for the role of man in a relationship. Ladies, it begins by looking at yourselves first. A good, smart brother that’s seen as a nerd because he reads, and wants to be successful by using his mind, all the while watching Black women swoon and waste their lives over thuggish Tupac clones, tattoos, and sagging pant, will look the other way very quickly, and will never give you a second chance. You attract what you give out. Look within before you start to feel that petty anger over who someone is dating.

  28. I don’t care who black men date. Black women need to start looking into other races for a good man. The younger generation does not understand the effect racism has had on the nation. They look at the heart. Some young black women have fought hard to be where they are in life. Other black women are busy getting pregnant, leaning toward the gangster and thug to identify them self.

  29. I don’t understand why black folks in this day and age still have such a huge problem with diversity within our community. We are not all raised, or have the same experience as all other blacks. We have always been diverse in our approach when it comes music, education, religion, speech, politics etc. Why do we have such a hard time allowing successful men and women to date who they please? Or, perhaps I should ask, why does it seem that black men have such a hard time dating who they please? It seems Halle Berry can date the man of her choosing, but a successful black man will be vilified for public affections towards a non-black. [the reality is: it is hard finding a good black woman… really]

    • . . . not only do we have hard time with successful men dating a white woman, but some seem to fall apart when they look at Denzel with a white woman on screen. We should be beyond this attitude/fear. Get a grip ladies.

  30. Oh please, lets be real. What gets me about discussions like this is that many folks including some blacks come with this talk. Even look at some of the comments on here, who needs the KKK, some blacks make whites look superior as if whites will not do you wrong, as if white women will treat you better and putting ALL black women in one boat. And you wonder why blacks get anger when when see stuff like RGIII. Look even at his comment. Why can’t he say he is black? We can see it and that is what he is but I guess because is the american darling now, people want folks to leave him alone. Let RGIII get into trouble. These same people who say he can date whoever he wants will be the same people to expect blacks folks to defend him; and if we do not defend RGIII then we are going to get called “crabs in a barrell and not wanting to help a brotha”. Give me a break. I look at tiger woods who never have dated a black woman YET when he cheated on that white wife, now all folks wanted to know “why hasn’t he dated a black woman”. YEt when Tiger was on top and was dating only whites, people said, “he should date who he wants and be whatever he wants”. Th hypocritsy is beyond me. There are some blacks who do not like President Obama due to his polices YET they are called every thing in the book by some of these same black folks who defend RGIII. Lets be real some blacks think if it is white, is it right and they try to hide behind “I do not judge color”, yeah right.

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  32. As a black activist I find it upsetting for Griffin to not claim his blackness. I don’t blame him. I blame his parents. For his parents to say they raised their kids to be colorblind is outright foolish. His parents are career military people. The United States military is one of the most racist institution in this government. Their purpose is to continue white supremacy the world over. When his mother said raised colorblind. She meant keep the white culture alive. Blacks can try to deceive their kids and think we are in a colorblind world. They are setting up their kids for a fall. Read these words and you will see how lost Robert Griffin parents and now their son.

    This is an excerpt of a Speech “We are Human Being” delivered by Honorable Silis Muhammad in 1998, 13 years before the ratification of the Afro descendant Constitution:

    …Your desires, your woes (the past wrongs committed against you) and your living will which hungers for national existence and the reproduction of your culture: these are not embodied in the Constitution of America, nor are they protected by the Constitution of America. At the time of the formation of America’s Constitution, we had no input. Although we were present in the country, we were slaves. We were their chattel. We have no input in America’s Constitution today, such as would reproduce our culture and our national identity.

    What language do you speak at home and teach your children? Is it not English? Then whose language are you reproducing? What religion do you practice and teach your children? Is it not Christianity? Then whose religion do you practice and teach your children? What culture do you emulate, as best you can, and set probable examples for your children to follow? Is it not of the Anglo-American? Are you not then reproducing the culture, religion and language of the slave masters of your forefathers, and not your own? think over it. It’s a very sad moment. Just think over it.

    Have you exercised the choice to do so, or not to do so? You do have a choice as a human being. Have you exercised your choice to perpetuate the culture of the slave master of you fathers? Have you had a choice to not perpetuate it? The answer is quite simple. No, you have not. It was forced upon you! Now, we are human beings, and we want to recognition of our choice of human rights. Do you hear me? I said: We are human beings and we want recognition of our choice of human rights..

    From another lecture

    What the devil has done is set up a system. I mean a system. Systematically, he prods you along through certain stages until you are subsumed, or subsumed into his white culture, his white language, his white heritage, his religion, until you lose all contact, all knowledge of self. It starts out, or we can start out with elementary school, “I pledge allegiance to the United States Flag”. This is…; it was a requirement you must do it in public schools. In junior high school and in high school, once graduated you receive a degree and how happy you are to flaunt your degree, pin it up on the wall, show everyone that you have matriculated and have a degree. Grad school, how happy you are to say that I have a BS degree or a BA degree. Subsumed. Graduate School, Law Degree, Doctors Degree, Engineering Degree, how happy you are to get your little licenses. How much will you do to protect the little licenses? Not having them taken away from you, subsumed. This is a process of subsuming you into their society. Into their world. Until you reach a point where you are “subsumption”. That means you have gone so far that you’ve forgotten all about yourself, you no longer like yourself. You are blended in now totally white.

    In closing Robert Griffin doesn’t know who he is because he like most black Americans are subsumed into this white culture. They have his names, practice his religion and culture. They are really chocolate covered white people. This is what Robert Griffin parents created a chocolate covered white man.

    • In my highly educated, very intellectual opinion, your comment easily sets our race back 50 years.
      I can’t believe that we’re are actually sitting here arguing like WE are the judge of men and not God, the most high. Can you point to a verse in the bible, Qur’an, or Torah where it tells you to hate another race? Or that you shall not marry out of your race? Although I completely disagree with you my brother this is America, and we don’t have to agree with each other. Just like no one here has to agree with RG3 dating outside his race. But regardless of any of these comments, regardless if where he was raised or how used to other cultures he is. Everyday he wakes up and looks in the mirror….a BLACK MAN stares back at him

      • There is nothing in the bible that say a person can not get married at 13 but we treat teenager as if they can not get married nor is there anything in the bible that say I can not marry a guy that my sister use to date or was married to but we still have disagreements about that issue as well.. so there are plenty of these that are not talked about in the bible but we argue against. then some will argue why didn’t god just make us one color instead of a black man and black woman/ white man and white woman; Asian man and asian woman, etc? What was the purpose of that pairing? So we can go all day with that battle.

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  34. Goat100 on said:

    December 15, 2012

    I am co-owner of a Midwest business, that has employees in this female oriented human services sector. We have a recurring issue with the new employees that are available to employ. Lack of professionalism; ethnic female of African decent, that is post graduate level professional.

    This individual is not willing to fallow standard protocol required to satisfying caseworker requirements, dose not have boundaries concerning interaction with clients as well as outside officials, and support staff. This person is just one example of why some African American males may date outside of their ethnic group. Ignorance is not the norm and men are looking for a mate who is able to behave as a person with self control. Not the poster girl for immaturity, ignorance. To the affected females who are at odds with white women with black men; get away from that sister girl mindset and looking at how you are conducting your selves, may be in order.

    • Steph1990 on said:

      Just what exactly is the “sister girl” mindset? There are plenty of college educated and non-degreed black women who conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner in the workplace. So why do you allow the actions of one woman define an entire race/gender (black women)? Additionally, I’ve met plenty of unprofessional, ignorant and lazy educated and non-degreed white men and women at my place employment. So unprofessionalism and ignorance knows no bounds.

  35. KMerritt on said:

    Please lets stop the drama, RGIII has probably always dated white women. Now he famous black women want him, where were you went he was in high school? We as black women need to learn that we too has the option to date outside our race. WHO CARES!! AS long as he happy,

    • Steph1990 on said:

      Who says we want him? This has nothing to do with jealously. The core issue the two women in the article are addressing is the fact that many of our black male athletes date/marry white women. Yet we hardly see any white male athletes date/marry black women. Why is that? Perhaps if we saw just as many white male athletes dating/marrying black women, RG3’s (or any other black male athlete’s) interracial relationship wouldn’t matter as much.

      • We wont see that because with many blacks, they think white is better. Look at the comments like “white women will work with their men”. Oh really. I know some white women who are dirty and nasty and will do dirt to you. I also know plenty of black women who work with them men as well even if he is is jail and no good (70% of black babies are born out of wedlock and no BLACK father who abandone these kids).So black women are doing their part.

    • hen are people going to stop this INSANITY? WE HAVE A BI-RACIAL President for gawd sakes. Man leave the kid alone. He is not doing drugs, not chasing every woman around DC or having two and three babies with three different women. He is a good kid who happens to be well spoken and is leading the league in many rookie categories. LEAVE HIM ALONE. What is all this SH** about him and his parents failing his “Blackness” Damn we date out of race the LEAST among any other minority groups-if you don;t believe me look at the “ballers wives” website. Second, the fastet growing demographic in this country are bi-racial kids-GET USED TO IT
      There is nothing that this young man is doing to take away from his Blackness period

      • So what if we have a bi racial president? HAs that stop whites and others from hating him and thinking is not black alone? NO

  36. OMG my black people, WHO CARES!!!! It’s almost 2013 and we are still making this an issue. As a black woman who dates interacially, I am so tired of us only talking about this one issue. This is why we are single because we are so concerned about not dating anyone else. We are left behind while everyone is living life, meeting new people and possibly finding love in a different package. YET, we sistahs still sit back and complain.
    If RG3 is happy, then I am happy for him. So what! It happens and I personally DO NOT feel rejected when I see black men with white or any other race. That is their choice just like I have my own choice to date who I want to. Love is love. Black women need to learn to be more open when it comes to dating because black men have been open for a long time now. You don’t have to date JUST BROTHAS!

  37. TigreNoir, are you serious? A white woman will do you just as much damage as a black woman.white women just go about it different.

  38. The absolutely terrible part of all this. If he had a grill, spoke English as though it were his second language, and extra baggy clothes, this “White Woman” conversation wouldn’t be happening. Why must we be so judge mental. Someone earlier said Carlton Banks wasn’t black, why? Because his father was successful and decided his kids would grow up far better than he did? Do be a jealous crab in a bucket, be a positive forward moving progressive black person who is happy to see blacks succeed.

    • Kali Love on said:

      “positive forward thinking black man”…do you not understand the racial complexities of this society, less than 150 years removed from chattel slavery with more than 300 years of being a slave in this very same country, held by the very same people…and you feel as if it means nothing when a successful black man chooses to marry a white woman? How many successful white women are marrying non famous or non rich black men?

      • I can agree. People are so willing to say a person is not/less black, and willing to “give” them to another race….what about the blacks that make us educated, well mannered brothers and sisters look bad. The ones that act ignorant and foolish…can we give them away to other races??

    • Candy Barr on said:

      Yes, Mae . . . Women–no matter the ethnic background–can be quick to cut another woman down. I thought it was only sisters, but my Asian and white female friends say that it is the same thing for them.

  39. ezweezy18 on said:

    Why youll tripping over a fake ass brother? Aint no man steppin round with a white girl and a bow tie down with the cause. He aint no real black man looking like Carlton Bank$$$$

  40. TigreNoir on said:

    African-American women can take much credit for being romantic pariahs. White women don’t question a brother’s manhood. White women in general will work as a team player in achieving a specific goal. White women are tired of the egomaniacal, wimpy white males and see the virile black man as a trophy. Black women have championed the Amazonian life-style and have reduced the black male to just sperm donors. Why would a black man associate himself with a woman that means him no good? The Willy Lynch letter should be required reading for all people of color – especially black women.

  41. mr cohen you are right but we used to not have psycopaths killing and dealing like it’s ok in our neighborhoods like that is a career choice either,times change.The only reason we did not see more of this earlier was segregation.why you think they kept the races ? folks get to know each other somebody going to do something.

    • Ivan B. Cohen on said:

      I don’t know if the presence of psycopaths is the result of trying to fit in with society or some perverted copycat syndrome. Either way it sucks.

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