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Almost three years ago, you may recall I talked about the End of the World based on the apocalyptic movie called 2012.

The movie, which many have seen since, played off the hype of people runnin’ around saying that the world was going to end a little over three years from then.

The film’s premise was centered around the Mayan calendar, some ancient ‘end times’ prophecies, New Age ideology and other astrological occurrences that point to December 21, 2012 as being the ‘end of our world as we know it.’

Well, the bad news is pretty obvious. That date is only two weeks away. But here’s what may be the good news: you can save a whole lotta money on Christmas presents since, apparently, we won’t be needing ‘em.

And just to let you know, I have faith we’ll all still be around for Christmas, broke and happy as always. That said, I want to talk about this to stress the point that, no matter what day we ultimately make our exit from here, it’s what we do for the time we’re here that truly counts.

Putting a time limit on how much life we might have left changes things.  Everything becomes more precious when we look at life from this perspective, forcing us to immediately determine what and who is really important, and how we want to spend the rest of our lives.

So if we really believed the world could end in two weeks, imagine not only what we’d do before then, but imagine how incredible and beautiful the world would be if we woke up on December 22nd and we were all still here.

Everyone would be overjoyed just to be alive. The holiday wouldn’t be about commercialism, presents or how many gifts we gave or received. It would be a holiday that would once again be celebrated for its original meaning, which was the gift of life.

We’d all see each other differently as the Christmas spirit would take on true meaning. Rich and poor, young and old, black and white, even Democrat and Republican would be in the same boat, happy to be alive. (okay, maybe the Republicans would need a yacht but you get the point!)

So just in case there’s a chance the world is going to end on the 21st, here’s what I’m going to recommend. Prioritize what and who makes you happy and enjoy it, and them, for your remaining two weeks.

And then, when you wake up on December 22, 2012, start all over and do it again.

I’ll end with this, I’ll give to you the same timely quote from Mark Twain that I used back in 2009, It goes like this:

“Dance like nobody’s watching; Love like you’ve never been hurt; Sing like nobody’s listening; and Live like it’s heaven on earth.”

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4 thoughts on “The End of the World

  1. The problem with this prophecy as I see, is based on our understanding. Meaning the common understanding that comprises most human beings. We are constantly evolving from one state to another, even spiritually. When the prophets or seers of an era write of future events they relate in terms understood by the current population. As people evolve into a higher realm of understanding the term “my understanding” may not necessarily denote the truth or accuracy of a matter. Most prophecies although may relate to a future event, the seer speaks or writes using current common terminology. The bible from Genesis through Revelation frequently refers to various prophecies made by many prophets in terms easily misunderstood by Christians in every era from Genesis to this very day, but most of those prophecies have either been fulfilled in different time frames or have differed vastly from the underestanding of that day. So, I submit the world will end at some point in time but not in the current manner most expect. It could very well be political, social, economical and last but not least, spiritually. Yes,the world is going to end but not as we expect.

  2. Only one being knows when the ultimate apocalypse will take place. These others are speculating and making some rather entertaining films. However some in the theater are going to take what was depicted on the movie screen as gospel. The ablility to separate fact from fiction has been lost, it wasn’t always so.

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