It’s Thanksgiving and every year the president pardons a turkey. This year, PETA is demanding that President Obama stop the traditional ceremony, comparing a turkey’s rights to oppressed minorities.

PETA composed a letter to the Obama administration saying that the turkey-pardoning ceremony “makes light of the mass slaughter of some 46 million gentle, intelligent birds.”

The letter went on saying black people and other minorities are like turkeys.

“You understand so well that African-Americans, women, and members of the LGBT community have been poorly served throughout history, and now I am asking you to consider other living beings who are ridiculed, belittled, and treated as if their sentience, feelings, and very natures count for nothing.”

PETA is also petitioning Americans to go vegan on the big day, using the mantra that turkeys are poor defenseless animals that shouldn’t be eaten.

Do you think this is a good comparison? Has PETA gone too far? Chime in below.


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One thought on “PETA Likens Blacks, Gays to Turkeys

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