Lisa Anderson of Flint, Michigan is today’s “Christmas Wish” winner.


Dear Tom:

My name is Lisa Anderson and I am coordinating our Zeta Phi Beta Zeta Chapter of Flint, Michigan’s annual “Pamper Me Day” for the women and children in a local Domestic Abuse Shelter. Last year we sponsored a “Shop Til’ You Drop” affair whereby we solicited slightly used clothing, coats, shoes, jewelry, belts and more. Tom – we set up a huge room to look like a department store and created Zeta money.  This allowed each woman to buy as much as their hearts desired! It was an awesome day.

This year our “Pamper Me Day” will be a Zeta Blue Christmas! We have a Christmas Tree with all the decorations that will be donated for the women and children to decorate. The Chapter will purchase wreathes and supplies for centerpieces, so that each woman can create their own Christmas wreath to hang on their door or make a centerpiece, whichever they prefer. We also will donate supplies so that the children can make a special gift for their mothers and then wrap up with lunch!

We are asking for the women and children to come up with their wish lists and we are hoping that you, Santa Tom can make this the best Christmas ever for those staying at the shelter during the Holidays. We want them to have NEW gifts this year – to have something that they wish for – that their children wish for!

In speaking with the shelter, we were told that during the holidays they are at full capacity, which is approximately 35 women and children. Tom, whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated!

Lisa Anderson, Coordinator of “Pamper Me Day” for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Flint, Michigan Chapter


One thought on “Wednesday Christmas Wish- Lisa Anderson

  1. Mysherry1963 on said:

    Grace and Peace Tom;

    My name is Michelle Thomas and I am writing you today to give reconition and accolades to my 16 year old daughter Carolina Thomas. Carolina is a junior currently attending two high Schools. Fort Hayes for Performing Arts(Blackbox Theatre) in the mornings and off to Independence High School in the midday for her academic studies. Carolina is a member of the Independence Liberty Belles drill team and also in the school’s Show Choir. Carolina was selected by Independence’s assistant principal Dr. Arnold to be a part of The Young Women Of Today…their motto is “Give Back to the Community”. they offer help to students of all ages and levels and show themselves as positive role models in todays society. I am very proud of Carolina because she is highly motivated and is a wonderful person all around. With all her studies and extra curriculum activities she has maintained a 4.0 average in school and is on the Super Honor Roll!!! I would like for you Tom to help me with Carolina’s Christmas Wish List. She wants to take student driving lessons and to get a few outfits for school.

    Thank you,
    Michelle Thomas
    Columbus Ohio

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