Just when we thought the voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash, was out of the hot seat over allegations of having sex with an underage boy, a second man has come out claiming he had a sexual relationship with Clash as well.

According to reports, a man named Cecil Singleton, who is currently in his 30's has filed a lawsuit against Clash citing the two had sex when he was just 15-years-old and Clash was 32.

Singleton claims the duo met on a gay phone chat line back in 1993. He also claims Clash used the phone service to prey on underage boys and have sex with them.

In the suit, the accuser says Clash would not only take him on nice dinner dates but he would also give the then teenager money.

The alleged acts occurred over 20 years ago, however, the accuser claims it was not until recently had he realized the "adverse psychological and emotional effects" of his sexual acts with Clash.

Reportedly, Singleton is asking for more than $5 million in damages.

This morning after news broke of the second allegation, Clash resigned from "Sesame Street" after almost 30 years of working with the company.


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9 thoughts on “Kevin Clash Accused of Having Sex with 2nd Underage Boy

  1. I agree that it is suspect that this guy waited so long before he saw the light about the incident. Bottom line is that I just saw documentary about Kevin and he seemed to be one of the fortunate people who found what he was good at and wanted to do in life and was successful. I think it is very sad to see his brilliant career brought to a halt by this sort of stuff not to mention all the kids who grew up loving Elmo.

  2. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!! They (the accusers) want to get PAAAAAID!!!! Someone probably took the first accuser to the side and told him, man you can get waaaaaaaay more than $125K if you press the issue and continue the lawsuit!!The first accuser has little credibility because he flip flopped and his past problems with the law. We haven’t heard the last of this mess!!! If Clash didn’t do anything wrong as far as under age sex with these 2, why would he quit his good job? I guess he finally got caught with both hands in the cookie jar???

  3. YadaYada on said:

    WHAT! 15 years old & handing out on a gay sex line, and they say Clash was PREYING on them..sounds to me like they found what they were looking for. Thats like walking into a cage full of angry pitbulls and crying because you were bit. Theyre just looking for a big pay day.

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