Roland Martin talks with Republican Michael Steele about Mitt Romney and the future of the Republican party. Plus, he hints at voting  for President Barack Obama for re-election this year.


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One thought on “Did Republican Michael Steele Vote for Obama?

  1. PinkPoodle on said:

    After listening to Michael Steele on MSNBC and Tom Joyner Morning Show, I have a new respect for him. Heretofore, my favorite African American Republicans were Condoleezza Rice, General Colin Powell and J. C. Watts because they are charismatic and can articulate their Republican views without being angry or performing the usual Republican Robot Call (Programmed).

    Michael Steele appears to be a little embarrassed by his Party’s unwillingness to work with the President to help our Country through its Financial Crisis. In addition, I am sure the Republicans’ hate-spewing rhetoric during and after the Presidential Election is not a “Kodak Moment” for Michael.

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