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Tom, Sybil, Jay Good Morning. We are in the final weeks between the 1st and 2nd terms of the Obama administration and there is much still to do before his 2nd Inauguration. But before we get into what we have to do, let’s take a moment to acknowledge what many of us have done. As I stated last week, I did not see an apathetic black voter population, but a silently diligent one. And in states all over the country that stood to be true as we saw record numbers of voters turn out. In Ohio the black turnout in 2012 was actually higher than it was in 2008. Well Tom, that didn’t happen by accident.

So I want to give a big thanks to the TJMS and other black radio shows that even when they were not getting big ad buys were pushing the need to turn out, educating people on voter protection and providing them with resources like 866MYVOTE1. But in places like Ohio, VA, FL, PA and other states, it was about the people on the ground. Shout out to 1911 United Super PAC, and while I try not to toot my own horn, today I will. And it’s not really about me, but the organization I worked with during this cycle. Black Men Vote was the first Super Pac and one of the first initiatives of its kind to target specifically black men during an election. Shout Out to Pras of the Fugees who put up our initial $250k and more, along with the other black men from around the country who wanted to fund Black men encouraging black men to stand up for themselves. To Tim Simons who ran the campaign and most important the people on the ground.

1.Operation Step Up – Columbus – turned out over 20,000 members of the Somali community

2. Potomac Coalition – Youngstown

3. Greg Moore and the NAACP Voter Fund – Cleveland, Toledo, & Cincinnati

4. Dr. Reese (forgot the name of the organization) – Cincinnati

Tom, these folks represent the folks on the ground all over the country that didn’t need a Vote or Die to know that they needed to Vote.

Now it is time to work. Our President is pushing the Republican Party to work with him on this fiscal cliff. He needs your support.

Engage your member of congress – continue to let your voices be heard to protect the working poor and the middle class. Letting the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich become a thing of the past is not the silver bullet to improving our economy, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Family, use this momentum to support and challenge the President. If you have an agenda…push it. Congress and the President can only respond to what we push.

Finally, remember that in less than a year there are local elections. Let’s not allow what happened in 2009 and 2010 happen in 2013 and 2014. Black community you did it. Now let’s work to do it again and again and again.

Tom, I’m Jeff…and that’s my truth.


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5 thoughts on “We Did It, But What’s Next?

  1. Members of the Coalition For Change, Inc. (C4C) organized because we recognize the importance of holding our government accountable for moving our nations toward’s justice. Unfortunately, the federal government, the nation’s largest employer, is one of the biggest civil rights violators. We must unite to expose bias treatment of minorities, in particular African-Americans, who remain either unemployed or ill-treated in the workplace. Internal discriminatory practices of the government continue to manifest itself in the bias award of government programs and services. We have much more to do and just as the writer of the article suggest..we must push our elected officals to “include” our issues. Google video: Racism in the Federal Sector

  2. barbarahawkins on said:

    We as Blacks do not sit down and explain things to each other.I ran the campaign from my apartment until the Obama headquarters opened and to have people come in and discuss the issues .You would be surprised to find that people really do not understand a lot of what is really going on .I will keep with the houseparties when things come up and explain things to people .We have to help the President .and make sure they understand the locale elections.

  3. shellann24 on said:

    The next stop is to tell them why they voted and who was so unhappy why the voted, It was hate and greed the 52% don’t want any one to have success but them the trick they pull I know they are selfish and it was uncover by there own party so lets get to work tell why we are so happy they came out to vote Thanks 49%…

  4. I agree that we need to support President Obama on pushing Republicans to work together to avoid the fiscal cliff. I believe that Boener can get the Republicans to vote for tax cutes, but he is not trying hard enough. We need to show not just as blacks but as Americans that this lack of fighting for all American people will not be tolerated. Local elections are extremely important and just as we voted out most of the people that belonged to the Tea Party, we will very soon be able to work together to vote out those that are trying NOT to work with the President. This is why I was so hoping that the Dems could win the House back, but winning 25 seats is a lot. We did great with the Senate, but lets help the president by putting in people that are willing to work together. Although blacks turned out in higher numbers to vote this time around, we still need to work on getting those that are black and unregistered to vote REGISTERED when the time comes again. We need these votes in local elections.

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