After offering his home to displaced Hurricane Sandy Victims, Newark Mayor Cory Booker for some people, topped that by getting hundreds of free hot pockets for Newark residents.

After a Newark resident tweeted Booker about running out of Hot Pockets, Booker responded by saying, "I believe in you. I know this is a problem you can handle."

Soon after, the Hot Pockets company reached out to Booker about giving "Newarkers" coupons for free Hot Pockets. The company sent an official letter to the Mayor Booker the next day.

Now many Newark residents have access to a delicious treat and if Booker decides to run against Governor Christie next year he definitely will have Hot Pocket Lovers in his corner.

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4 thoughts on “Newark Mayor Cory Booker Gets Hundreds of Free Hot Pockets

  1. Cory Booker is and has help Newark, NJ out so much and there was at one point that several residents didn’t want him to be the mayor. He loves the city of Newark and also the residents, he is the only mayor that I know that office her took office to move into a crime infested apartment complex to prove to the residents how dedicated he is to better the city. As a formal Newark resident, thank you Mr. Booker for helping us out. Brick City Stand Up!!!

  2. blkconserv on said:

    If Obama’s black voters can be bought for as little as a free cell phone, it is certainly believable that Booker’s black voters can be bought with nothing more than a free hot pocket. By 2016, black unemployment should be up to 50%. Today it is 14.3%, and black youth unemployment is 40.5% (Conservativeblacknetwork. com), but Obama never mentioned those numbers and not one black voter ever demanded that he address their REAL needs. So, Booker has learned the valuable lesson that, like Obama, he will be able to rely on the votes of black constituents who think a free hot pocket is sufficient reason to rejoice. If you care about the economic future of black America — of your CHILDREN — visit Conservative Black Network and read the Labor Department numbers that the media routinely ignores.

  3. veronicaj on said:

    I am so proud of him. I see it, Governor then eventually President. I am calling. He will become our President within the next 12 years. It is time to progress more. Keep up the great work Cory!

  4. mspattymelt on said:

    NOW that is ‘service’….and being a servant to the people….getting them what they need ..even IF he is doing it to run for Governor at least he is taking it to the streets and trying to supply the people in need….for whatever reason Booker keep doing what you are doing ….Im sure Dr. King, Shuttersworth and others are proud ——and more pastors need to take note…..get from hiding behind the pulpits being served and take it to the streets/communities where the people are in need of SERVICE!!!!!!!!!

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