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Chris Paul couldn't keep President Obama off his brain while he joked about Lamar Odom, the upper-cutting bus driver, and the NFL.

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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.  

One word:  Obama.

Yesterday a bunch of players on the NFL’s Houston, Texas teamed up to help senior citizens go to the polls.  Way to go, guys.  And in other words a group of senior citizens down in Dallas teamed up yesterday to teach the Cowboys to play some defense.

Two words:  President Obama.

At media day for the Los Angeles Clippers, new Clipper Lamar Odom shocked and upset all the fans when he introduced himself as a Los Angeles Laker.  Oh, no.  Clippers fans hate the Lakers.  But give Lamar a break.  He made that subliminal slip of the tongue because he secretly wished he played for the Lakers, because they’re more popular and successful.  By the way later on in the press conference Lamar introduced the media to his wife, Kim.

Three words:  Still President Obama.

That Cleveland bus driver who became famous after he upper-cutted a rowdy female passenger has been fired by his company.  So what’s next for the boxing bus driver?  Maybe he can fight old ass Evander Holyfield.  Think about it, the driver knocks women down and Evander knocks women up.

Four words:  God bless our President.

I’m Chris Paul, and this was The Morning Minute.