The election is tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 6, and the heat is on.

The polls have been close and its hard to tell who’s voting for who.

In these times of doubt and fear, fanatics and political leaders are taking their stance, and sharing their opinions with the public. Church leaders have also taken on the same role

One Sacramento pastor, Dr. Phillip Goudeaux,  shared with his 20 thousand plus-member church that although Obama was his man in 2008, this time around, he won’t be getting his vote. Shortly thereafter, he received death threats.

Check out this Fox 40 video report:

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24 thoughts on “Black Pastor Tells Congregation No on Obama; Gets Death Threats

  1. mccarroll59 on said:

    I don’t support the death threats either but this pastor needs to understand that civil rights denied to anyone in this country should be unacceptable. President Obama understands that and also believes in traditional marriage but is intelligent enough to see that discrimination is discrimination no matter who’s going through it! God will deal with all of us come judgement day but as president, Mr. Obama should never allow any American to be discriminated against for any reason! We can’t say when it’s okay to discriminate and when it’s not! Discrimination can’t be tolerated in a so-called “Free Society!”

  2. This man is standing on conviction & previously voted for Barak. But now thatn Barak’s stance flagrantly goes against the Bible he is stating his opinion (remember the constitution allows us to do that) you want to say he is not black and a snitch.

    So now that he is obeying God rather than man (Obama) you want to call him a slave. That’s silly mccarroll and poor logic

  3. Because he voices his opinion and does not just follow along like a lemming and agree with Obama supporters he’s a sell out? A man who can think for himself, vote his conscience and serve God is not a sell out but rather a principled and intelligent individual. The fact that those with an agenda would threaten his life for having a differing opinion is deplorable and not to be sidestepped in this story

  4. Barack Obama is the president not the pastor of the United States. His job is to represent the interests of all American citizens not just “Black Christians.” Most people understand this. Too bad Dr. Phillip Goudeaux does not.

  5. In my Bible, it’s sin to lie about others, mislead others, and put mammon before love.

    From Mitt Romney’s bully pulpit, these are the only things I’ve heard.

    If Dr. Phillip Goudeaux were my pastor, I’d be seeking a new shepherd.

  6. mccarroll59 on said:

    Anybody supporting Romney has got 2 B a Fool! This is no man but rather a BOY without morals, Honesty & most of all Integrity! God Help this BOY!

  7. mccarroll59 on said:

    This is not a black man but rather an OBEDIENT SLAVE that snitched on slaves that tried 2 escape! What an embarrassment 2 us all!

  8. mccarroll59 on said:

    How can any woman vote 4 Romney? Hopefully, you’re just admitting UR voting 4 him 2 shut UR husbands up & will vote 4 Prez Obama because he’s 4 U! Republicans R putting U N UR places & R telling society 2 shut UR mouths & remain silent cuz UR voice means NOTHING!

  9. mccarroll59 on said:

    they try 2 blame R Prez 4 breaking promises but if U listen 2 their crap U R more ignorant than the most illiterate people N R country! Republicans have done everything N their power 2 stop R Prez N not being able 2 fulfill his promises 2 us! Republicans have become so Un-American & anti-black that the Jim Crow era envies them! God help us ALL!

  10. mccarroll59 on said:

    this is the kind of so-called Black man that holds us back. What an embarrassment! This clown is worse than Ron Christie, Clarence Thomas, Richard Steele & Allen West! What a sell-out!

  11. Even the coons and the house slaves are entitled to vote for their choice. As for me and my house, it’s OBAMA 2012 all the way!

  12. People in my church including my wife are voting for Romney. Only because he approves of same sex marriage and he has refused to help Isreal. My point is, to those that believe this also, Obama is not God. He can’t please everybody. Let God sort out same sex marriage. Move on with running the country. We don’t know exactly what has been said between President Obama and Isreal’s President, but if you all truly believe God answers prayers, then President Obama should have done what you all have prayed for. (Romney supporters)

  13. queenv53 on said:

    Pastor Jamal Bryant said it best..President Barrack Obama is currently the defender of the Nation. And we as Christians are the Defender of our Faith. But because his views don’t line up with mine directly on every issue, you think that would taint my vote? Never!! Any black person that can’t see the storm coming needs to seriously check and rethink their history.

  14. queenv53 on said:

    Africanwarrior – its funny that you would comment on what Clarkee had to say. When you know that most “Africans” have a certain prejudical view about Westerners as well. I totally agree with the words that he used. They are “mega jigga boo’s and power whores” who have used the church to make money and state their personal opinion. He doesnt have to support President Obama, but he should have kept that to himself. How dare he have the right to use the church to influence 20,000 plus parishiners..he is not THE CHRIST. While, I don’t agree with the death threat. I do agree that it’s time for the masses to stand up to the black church and realize that churching is big business. And they should get back to the things of GOD!

  15. kikismom on said:

    Could his reason just possibly be that he may be in a new tax bracket. One that he might just benefit from if Romney is elected. My My how we forget. He may have 20K now and none tomorrow.

  16. mbsmckenney on said:

    Pastors are not supposed to support one candidate or the other, they could lose their government “tax-free” status. Since he insists on combining church and state, he should request that his church pay taxes like any corporation. Furthermore, let him not forget the other verses in the Bible the dictate treatment of the widow, orphan, alien and poor….the rich should do more because they have more,…about being lukewarm and not firm. All of these things point to one candidate and should also be taken into consideration. God continue to bless us.

  17. navi12 on said:

    Isn’t it strange that when news stories like this break out, Fox is the only network covering them? I’m sure either Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity will pick up on this story. Rush Limbaugh may add it to his menu.

  18. africanwarrior on said:

    Is it necessary to use words like “mega jigga boo’s” and “power whores/”
    We African Americans must realize that other people have opinions that may conflict with yours and mine, we can respectfully disagree can’t we?
    How would you describe Black Men/Women choosing White women/Men in order to avoid producing dark skinned kids ? Aren’t they also guilty of selling out our community ? How about Black Entertainers who called Black Women “Ho” and us freely the N word , demeaning our people for profit among these is Jay Z remember his ” N…er In Paris ” ? .
    Your comments are inappropriate .
    Iam an Nigerian ,Yorouba Naturalized America who support President Obama. I left Nigeria precisely because of un democratic political system .
    America is a super great nation that values freedom of expression! Threatening someone with death is a serious crime .

  19. Clarkee on said:

    Sometning about these mega jigga boo’s. When they get a hugh church they forget that they are called to be ambassadors of liveration to the hurting masses. Too many of these white church wannabees, have bought into the gospel of wealth and money, and forgotten about the simple command of Jesus, “If you love me, feed my sheep.” Thank God, MLK wasn’t like these money hungry power whores.

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