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How do you not love NeNe Leakes? To quote the cover of Ebony Magazine’s Money & Power issue, she is getting her “Hollywood Hustle“ on.

Leakes is working the heck outta her 15 minutes of fame–I love it. She’s now an officially Hollywood actress with her recurring role on “Glee” and “The New Normal” and has been working the publication scene with features in Vogue, US Weekly, and now Ebony Magazine.

How’s that for rich? Other reality stars might want to take note.

Ebony Magazine names NeNe as one of the 100 most influential African-Americans of the year.

Leakes is beyond determined as she is one of the rare reality stars to convert realitism into a successful career. #TeamBeautiful sends a huge congrats to NeNe on her success!

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11 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes Covers EBONY Magazine’s Power 100 Issue

  1. sasha66 on said:

    Sad to say, but Ebony has lost its mind. Nene Leakes is included in this list of the 100 most influential blacks? Seriously. Why? How? All she’s done is act a fool on a reality show that has set black women back by 50 years and she is being honored for this. Where is Viola Davis or Kerry Washington or Gayle King or someone who has actually done something POSITIVE for our community. This sets a really bad precedent. Ebony, you have lost your touch. I am shaking my head at some of the choices on the list. This is a sad day in Ebony history.

  2. darlesnfelton on said:

    what is it that we are always looking for someone to look up to instead of looking at some family members that have been made it and that are outstanding family member

  3. Personally, I think NeNe has cashed in on an IMAGE. She has made lots of money and has received lots of attention because of the image and type of person she portrayed on RHOA. She now has a BRAND!! Not many people knew a lot about her before RHOA if I’m not mistaken. Face it, the american TV watching public likes drama and ghetto-ness at its finest. NeNe has been smart and made lots of money off of it. We may not like her as the person she portrays, but you have to respect the business-woman, marketing, money making skills!! I’m sure she is laughing all the way to the bank and could care less that lots of people dont’ like her. I do disagree with the whole Ebony cover thing though. It does make her seem like someone we should look up to. Not sure if that sends a good message by Ebony. I guess they gotta sell magazines!! I wonder if NeNe is REALLY like that in her personal life.

  4. NY Butterfly on said:

    I dont care how smart or strategic NeNe’s move is. I think it is a disgrace to have her on the cover of Ebony as if she is someone we should look up to. The tub scene with the girl boats out do not make her look elegant at all.. I wish her behind would come to Brooklyn and act out like she did on Atlanta Housewives or Celebrity Apprentice she would get her behind whipped good!

  5. Just being me on said:

    NeNe is the Black Kardashian. At least someone other than the damn Kardashians have their face plastered all over the place. The kardashian fame just keeps going and I am nauseated by them. Hopefully Nene has a great finacial advisor. Why is it that celebrities , the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez etc., are considered role models? They are mere entertainers. I look to the likes of Oprah, Michelle Obama, etc., Beyonce is such a fake. Baby. no. Weight loss 60lbs, please, when did did she gain 60 lbs? $1mil to shut down a hospital. Please. We know the real. You are not the real deal.

  6. Congratulations NeNe!!!!!!. people tend to judge a person when they realy don’t even kno what the person is all about. No one knows what it takes behind the scenes for her to go through her days journey. She is doing an absolute wonderful job in taking care her family and I don’t down size any ones success. You Go Gettum NeNe!

  7. Zabadread on said:

    what a waste of skin,this ghetto bird should have never gotten know air play when it has so many beautiful black sisters our there that young black women can look up to this is all we can give them NENE LEAKES

  8. rlgillum on said:

    I agree for ebony to state that Ne Ne is apart of the 100 influential blacks in America or anywhere else, really does have a lot to say about the research department of ebony and the quality of the magazine. I grew up with ebony; however I find that the magazine hasn’t progressed much. Sad ebony that you can’t find someone who is doing something worth while to put on the cover of your magazine.

  9. Is this what we are as a society.NeNe.What a joke.Not begrudging her success.But this is ghetto beyond ghetto ebony.I just pray my granddaughters emulate better role models, and I will try very hard to see that they do.

  10. africanwarrior on said:

    NiNi 100 most influential African Americans?
    Have we stooped that low ? No wonder we have serious issues in our community.
    This NeNe is disgrace to Black Women , she is so ghetto .
    She appeals to the lowest common denominator in African American society.
    I wouldn’t want my daughter to emulate her lewd behavior, I want her to look up to accomplished Black Professional women like my wife , Ophra, Byonce , Former Secretary of State Rice people with character and substance .
    The world watches us . I

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