I am glad to be with you this morning from Rochester, NY having made it through Hurricane Sandy unscathed. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families that lost loved ones and the millions that are probably going to be without power for a week or longer. And for those who were affected and are in areas that are still dangerous please stay indoors until the all clear sign is given. If at all possible do not use candles for light (more fires are started during power outages from candle fire), and please if you are out avoid and report down power lines. While small things, we want as many people safe after the storm as during.

But Tom, we have to talk about the storm that is on the way. Special TJMS meteorologist informed me of a storm that is about a week out from touching ground on US soil. Tropical Storm Mitt is trying to gain strength and is set to hit on November 6th. There is no need to evacuate, but there are a few things you can do to prepare. Make sure you pick up all of your IDs.  When Mitt comes it will try to knock out your power to vote with ID laws that you can beat. Know where your polling station is. The winds of lies that swirl into our communities will try to tell some people they are in the wrong place. And last but not least, just like with Sandy, lives were saved and major thanks are due to the first responders. If possible VOTE EARLY. Tropical Storm Mitt isn’t that strong, but the flooding that surrounds him will cause the most confusion on November 6th. Be there early and first. All in All Tropical Storm Mitt‘s bark will be bigger than its bite. But an unprepared community could be blown away if not ready. If you need more information on how to prepare for the storm you can call 1-866-MyVote1 before or during the storm for relief. And just remember, the storm might endure for the night, but Obama will be elected by the morning.

Tom – before I go, I need to take a point of personal to send a major TJMS size happy birthday to the greatest father this side of heaven. MY dad, Johnnie Johnson Jr. is 67 TODAY. 5 years ago he was given a year to live. He never accepted that sentence and has shown cancer who has the bigger punch. Before his illness he was my hero just because he was my dad. Since his illness, he has shown me what living is all about. He launched an initiative to educate those with cancer and their families how to stay informed and empowered. I would ask the TJMS family to simply give him the birthday gift of following him on twitter. He is @cancercombatant. Happy Birthday Dad. I pray this is your best year yet, but this Birthday…..You’re the gift.


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One thought on “Tips for Overcoming a Storm

  1. AshantaJae. on said:

    Tropical Storm Mitt! That is clever, wish I saw this one BEFORE the election, wldve made a great Tweet or FB post! Whenever you have 4min’s, pls ck out my video monologue about the election: http://youtu.be/2Ho8E3JwrcY Thnx Jeff for helping a Sistah out!

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