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After suffering a series of seizure-like episodes last week, it has been announced that Lil Wayne will not appear at his trial against Quincy Jones III in Los Angeles.

Instead, he’ll appear, if at all, via video deposition. That deposition, as pointed out by TMZ, is being referred to by the judge saying the rapper acted like an irresponsible little child.

Lil' Wayne is suing Jones III over a documentary about the rapper that he calls a “scandalous portrayal.”

Wayne was not in court Monday because of his medical emergency on Thursday on board a private jet.  The pilot radioed Wayne had seizures and he was subsequently hospitalized.

TMZ says Lil Wayne’s lawyer told the judge he will play his client’s deposition tapes for the jury, but there will be no Wayne in person.  The video shows Wayne giving glib one liners and refusing to answer questions.


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