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You wouldn’t necessarily put the words "Pauly Shore" and "politics" together, but that didn’t stop Shore from creating a comic special wrapped around this current election. “Pauly-tics” debuts on Showtime this Friday at 9 p.m.  You might not expect some of his guest stars – a pool-playing Herman Cain, an angry Michael Steele and longtime Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank along with media types like Larry King. In his special, Shore covers sex and politics, the election, and all the absurdities that politics generates along the way. Of the candidates, Shore says that Romney is the most comedic. He attended the third and last debate in Florida this week and told The Palm Beach Post why he saw Romney as the funny guy.

“He doesn’t know that he’s funny and those are the people that are always the funniest,” Shore said. “Everyone’s talking about the binders full of women. That’s so silly. It’s so wrong. It’s a Freudian slip or something and he shouldn’t have said that.”

Shore knows that he’s not usually associated with the political sphere but it’s not something he’s latched on to cash in just because it’s an election year. He says that he has always been interested in the political arena.

“It’s what entertains me at night. I go home and I kind of channel surf FOX, CNN, MSN. I’m entertained by these politicians because they’re so full of sh—t… It’s Pauly Shore in Washington. It’s me doing stand-up comedy there, interviewing these politicians and pundits, and kind of not choosing a side. I don’t really go Republican or Democrat—the attitude is: Let’s just stop fighting and dance. It’s kind of like Bill Maher meets Spring Break. There are girls, I do all these different songs, I do a country song. I do a party song, political party rock. And a lot of straight stand-up all about politics.”

Shore will also make the special available for download on his site The download will be $5, but one lucky viewer could win $100,000 which will be awarded after the 100,000th download. A winner will be announced on January 20th, 2013, which is inaguaration day for whoever is elected president in November. (Submissions must be in by January 14th, 2013.)

Here’s a clip of “Pauly-tics.”  (WARNING: there is brief profanity.)


Pauly~tics Trailer