Leo O'Brien of the 1985 cult classic 'The Last Dragon' died Wednesday morning at the age of 41, according to reports.

Currently the cause of O'Brien's death is unknown. However, an autopsy is reportedly scheduled for next Thursday.

O'brien is best known for his role as Bruce Leroy's little brother Richie Green in 'The Last Dragon." He also had a small role in the film "Rappin."

He had a close call with death a little over a year ago after being shot twice in his hometown of Harlem, New York.

His family has not released an official statement yet.

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4 thoughts on “Leo O’Brien Co-Star of ‘The Last Dragon’ Dead At 41

  1. BIGblacknigg on said:

    I remember him now….which is more than I can say for the movie! The Last Dragon is one of those films where you remember the soundtrack more so than the movie itself (Rhythm of the Night by Debarge came from the soundtrack).

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