CHICAGO (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama will appear on Steve Harvey's new daytime talk show.

"Steve Harvey" is taped before a live audience at NBC's studios in Obama's hometown of Chicago. The show's producers say the first lady will tape her appearance on Thursday. It's scheduled for broadcast on Oct. 3.

The 55-year-old veteran comic's talk show debuted earlier this month. Harvey said in a statement that he's honored to have Mrs. Obama as a guest.

The first lady's appearance on Harvey's show will be her latest on the daytime talk-show circuit as the presidential election enters its final weeks.

Earlier this week, Mrs. Obama joined her husband, President Barack Obama, for a pre-taped, joint interview on ABC's "The View."

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2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama to Appear on ‘Steve Harvey’ Show

  1. I know the ‘haters’ are trying to bring up “an angry Black woman” label on MY First Lady, because I don’t believe that Laura[Bush] was in high demand, when Dubya was in the White House.

  2. Hopefully having the first lady on his show will give him a boost in ratings that he needs. Don’t get me wrong I like Steve Harvey and even listen to his radio show but the tv show is not really good. Just my opinion.

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