We’re definitely in a new age where dating someone 10, 20 or even 30 years older (or younger) isn’t so taboo. But the Jackson family dad is seriously robbing the cradle.

Joe’s got a new girlfirend who is 51 years younger, and happens to be wealthy and Indonesian, so reports the Daily Star out of the UK.

Miss Lavinia Iskandar, 33, has been spotted hanging with the 84 year old patriarch of the Jackson family for a couple of years now.

While she’s a familiar face these days, their relationship has been pretty much a secret until now.

A source tells the Daily Star that the pair has been seeing each other for some time and that she stays in Joe’s Las Vegas condo.

“He hasn’t seen his wife Katherine in weeks, and simply wasn’t around during the recent drama about Michael’s estate when she was spirited away to a spa in Arizona, ­leaving his children home alone.”

But the source also said Katherine is numb to the whole union.

However, Joe’s spokesman says Lavinia is simply a business associate he is working with for a new product to market in Asia.

Despite the denial, Joe isn’t known to be an honest man. He’s actually confessed to fathering two children, one in 1972 and 1974 with two different women.

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11 thoughts on “RUMOR: Joe Jackson is Officially Off the Market

  1. Spencer52 on said:

    Usually an old man chasing after a young woman is like a dog chasing after an ice cream truck. But this is the father of the greatest entertainer of the century, if he were some unknown old fart she wouldn’t give him the time of day I guarantee.

  2. Spencer52 on said:

    Usually an old man chasing after a young woman is like a dog chasing after an ice cream truck. But this is the father of the greatest entertainer of the century, if he were some unknown old fart she wouldn’t give him the time of day I guarantee.

  3. wandita1 on said:

    While we have to consider the source, I can’t believe that even Joe Jackson can be so stupid as to flaunt a relationship like this in public. She’s young enough to be his great granddaughter. At 84 what could he possibly do for her. Any wealth that he does have has come from the money generated over the years from his involvement with his sons careers or Michael’s.

  4. vernitahart on said:

    Joe can you not be more discreet with your running around. You are still a MARRIED man and the lest you could do is show your wife some respect. She might know what you are doing but to see it plastered all across the news is another thing. She deserve more respect than that. Plus she is the age of your children. I see now why Michael was so upset with you….the way you were treating his mother. Wow, Joe is this your mid life crisis period? Why not act your age and help Katherine raise the grandchildren. All this time I thought you were being treated a little mean, but now that I got the whole picture, I understand. Joe has forgotten all his morals and principals, he didn’t start acting this way until money and fame came into the picture. Some people just can’t handle it and he is one of them.

  5. johnnyrussell on said:

    Joe, you got nobody to prove anything to, to teach or otherwise be a role model for. Like Jaxa said you brought us the Jackson Five.

    Anyone who knows anything about show biz, knows the managing, training, choreography etc. Living life on the road, toting band equipment from gig to gig for years Ain’t easy.

    Just let them judging you try it and see how long they last. .You did that all while raising 7 sons and 4 daughters.

    You deserve to live. Its your turn Mr. Joe Jackson. To hell with the haters.

  6. People get so caught up in others lives because they see them in the limelight and think they know them personally. Joe Jackson gave you people the Jackson Five back in the day and that was Legendary! Now years later, folks think they know him personally and want to dictate how he should or should not be living. Worry about your own lives and know that Joe Jackson is entitled to live his life however he pleases. Joe Jackson has paid his dues! But what about those skeletons in the your closet?!!

  7. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    I was not going to do this but Damm Joe you are truly a FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!! YOU GOT FUCKED UP YOUR FAMILY AND NOW YOU GOT A NEW GENERATION OF GRAND CHILDREN, YOU ARE STILL MARRIED AND THANKS FOR SHOWING ALL THE BLACK MAN HOW TO TREAT A BLACK WOMAN YOU ARE STILL MARRIED TOO…..THERE MAYBE 10-15-20 MINS OF GOOD SHIGGIDY…BUT DAMM DUDE WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING,CAN YOU LOOK AT YOUR FAMILY AND CLAIM YOU GAVE 100%,,,,AND OH YEA THAT INCLUDES YOUR 38 & 36 YEAR OLD CHILDREN FROM 1972 AND 1974 NO WONDER MS JACKSON CUT YOU OFF AND MIKE LEFT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,………………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,JERK………………………………………………………..

  8. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Damm Joe if all this is true than no wonder what we see is what it is and Mike wanted to just get away,,,,,,,,,,,,Damm Joe………………………………………….

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