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Jacque Reid "Goes Inside Her Story" with Annette Larkins, the 70-year-old woman who looks 40-years-old about what keeps her looking so great!

Annette Larkins surprises people when they find out her age and sometimes even confuse her for her husband's daughter because she looks so young.

She also talked about her strict diet, her husband's meat eating, and more with Reid. Even giving TJMS her favorite raw collard greens recipe!

Click here to listen to Annette Larkins' story.

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13 thoughts on “Jacque Reid Goes Inside Her Story with Annette Larkins

  1. brianhurn on said:

    I thought there was a full body shot, you can’t really tell what all the hype is about. My mom is 85 and i can say the same it’s all about being wrinkle free

  2. percyb3 on said:

    I saw this story several months ago on NBC and followed up with a deeper dive into her story. It is real. Search the video on NBC’s website. We need to eat better and leave the ham out of our diet, yes you can marinade greens. My wife and I always marinade our Spinah for our salads. So many of us need to change our eating lifestyles.

  3. mzronicolumbus on said:

    Yes, it does look like a mary j. blige.Have anyone seen this lady in person and get identification!!!!!!Men use just for men faithfully i’m sure she does too.(just for women) not being a hater just don’t believe…..I know black dont crack but we dont look like that matter what kind of diet or meat you dont eat….

  4. RiValStrong on said:

    What a testament to both eating to live and not living to eat and exercise/physical activity. The synergy of smart nutrition and exercise are the “Fountain of Youth”. It’s literally within our “jeans” (okay…genes) to be strong, healthy, and beautiful well into the later years of our lives. She is a modern day Sarah-Abraham’s wife of the Bible-BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Bestlady59 on said:

    I heard about this woman on the TJMS this morning and couldn’t wait to see her. Her skin is in great condition. I would like to read this story also.

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