During a speech the President made following the Republican National Convention, he mentioned something negative Mitt Romney had said and the crowd, in support of the Big Chief, began to boo.  “Don’t boo,” he said…”vote!”  And he was absolutely right. Even though the great speeches at the DNC have gotten us fired up and ready to go, none of it matters unless we ALL go to the polls in November.

We can’t depend on emotion, excitement or even patriotism to get us to vote in the numbers needed to defeat Mitt Romney. If our motivation for voting is based on our feelings, we’re in trouble.

Based on the economy, the rampant neighborhood violence, school teachers threatening to strike, floods, droughts, substitute NFL referees (sorry, that’s my issue), there’s a chance that none of us will be in the mood to vote. In all honesty, you really may not be better off now than you were four years ago. You may be laid off,  laid up or locked out. You may be one of the many people caring for your grandchildren and your parents in a home that is upside down. You might have a college-aged child who can’t return to school because his Pell Grant has been cut. You may be deployed to the Middle East to fight a war that looks like it will never end.

No one can deny that the country was a mess when the President got into office, and because the Republican Congress has carried out its promise to block as much of his legislation as possible, it’s not too much better today.  As secure as we felt the night that we heard that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, his death added no more money to your paycheck, nor did it add any new jobs in your community.

I couldn’t have been more proud watching the First Lady address the nation and tell us why she loves the President.

The convention got off to a great start and I know it’s just going to get better when V.P. Biden, former President Clinton and the President himself takes the podium. But this is just September.  What’s going to carry us through until November?

Nothing will do it except commitment and dedication to taking part in a freedom that we cannot take for granted.

A vote for the President will not miraculously change things, but we know it is a move in the right direction.

Mitt Romney and the Republicans are not going to work to make things better for us. If the tide happens to change while they’re in office, we may benefit. But I’d much rather give my support to a party that represents the values that we’ve been taught most of our lives: That if you’re blessed enough to have more than most, it’s your responsibility to help those with less. Issues like abortion and gay marriage are political.  You may agree or disagree with either. But the basic message of the Democratic Party is the one that speaks to the majority of us and if you believe that message, that everybody deserves an opportunity to have a better life, then you should vote for the President in November.

It’s going to get rougher than ever after the convention ends. The opposition will be in full force trying to discredit every positive thing that was said by and about the President. The best way to defend him and the party that has our best interest at heart is to vote. Don’t boo, don’t fight, don’t cuss, don’t get fired from your job…just vote.

Let’s not let our emotions get in the way of the work that has to be done. Let’s not be motivated by anything except sheer conviction. Let’s keep our eye on the prize.

If you aren’t registered, there’s still time. Call 1-866-My-Vote-1.

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18 thoughts on “Unconditional Voting

  1. theochia on said:

    Hi Family and Friends,

    Hope all is well on your end. Sometimes music conveys more than just spoken word. After you watcgh this video, PLEASE pass it on. This is the best email video I’ve gotten in a long time. This is GREAT! Enjoy

  2. I think you need to read your bible. As a Christian you need to make a stand as to whose side you are on and you should not be on the fence. God has called us to decide one way or the other! (Study Joshua chapter 24) Your desire as a Christian should be to bring God’s Kingdom here on earth! To say that you are a believer but you support gay marriage means that you are on both sides of the issue. God has called us to make a stand for him! If Obama’s goal is to make a law that forces us to recognize gay marriage across the country then don’t you think that is equally oppressive and also unconstitutional? Freedom from religion also guarantee’s freedom from non-religion too! Dont get me wrong, I don’t advocate discrimination against people because they are gay but I believe re-defining what a marriage is in order to appease gay activists is the wrong way to go

  3. If you think that the unemployment rate has dropped since Obama’s been President then you are sadly mis-informed. The exact opposite is true. in fact the unemployment rate has been over 8% nationally and 14% in the Black community. I think you need to go back and do your research!

  4. Some time I wonder if our so call educated brothers & sisters read & comprehend issues that are placed on the table.

    Tom has never hid his preference for a majority support for PBO. However, the crux of his article is we must register, research the issues & candidate you find important to you, but most importantly VOTE.

  5. psycholawyer on said:

    As a Christian and an attorney, I believe that the argument by Christians who say they will not vote for Obama because of his position of gay marriage, to be misguided and sad. They seem to be arguing that voting for Obama means they believe in gay marriage. This premise is false. I doubt anyone completely agrees with every POLITICAL position a government official takes. There are many people who do not personally believe in abortion, for example, that voted and plan to vote for Obama because they recognize that the abortion issue is a religious issue that should not be legislated and that the government’s position does not change their own personal beliefs. Christians should not be concerned with whether or not there are laws to prevent people from publically displaying their beliefs. God Himself does not force anyone to follow His laws. Rather, He wants us to follow His laws because we CHOOSE to do so. Homosexuality is no greater a sin than any other sin. Sin is sin and we all have it. Rather than attempt to affect the political process in order to prohibit a group of people from doing one particular sin (publically), we as Christians ought to be more concerned about helping others choose to move away from sin by showing love and compassion. Jesus did not socialize with those who thought themselves sinless, he ministered to the sinners—the harlots, thieves and the sexually corrupt through love and compassion. He did not seek to have political laws changed to make them obey God’s laws, but sought to change their hearts voluntarily by meeting their emotional and physical needs. We Christians need to be likewise ministering to all people no matter their sin, instead of obsessed with whether the President thinks there should be laws that punish one group for their public expressions and beliefs. In this election, we as Christians ought to be voting for the candidate who is most likely to allow us to assist those who need the most assistance—the poor, the sick, the homeless. Not voting for Obama will do nothing more than doing away with the programs we Christians need to assist those who need the most assistance, and prevent Obama from being re-elected—it WILL NOT stop gay people from their beliefs.

  6. Oldman River on said:

    Hello Tom…Thanks for all that you do down through the years on your national syndicate radio show. All things are possible IF hope is kept alive, and we believe in ourselves as uniquely qualified people with a purpose for being here.

    Oh by the way, Will y’all please check your FAX machine? And allow for us to send one.

  7. africanwarrior on said:

    Today in Tom Joyner’s Alabama (Selma) KKK fanatics have received a permit by the city of Selma to Build A Monument Honoring The Founder Of The KKK
    Slave trader multi millionaire , Black lynch Master Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest . The SCLC is there fighting and need our help
    I know MLK would be there . This Bedford Forrest is what Hitler is to the Jews ,
    Why are we quiet? Make sure we vote for us vote Obams

  8. PLEASE VOTE!! If Black folks had of gotten out and vote in 2010, we wouldn’t be facing the ‘voter ID laws’ that the Rethugithans and the tea baggers pushed through.

  9. The biddy knew that MY First Lady wasn’t on Air Force One, because Michelle would have taken her own earrings off and stuffed that governor head first in a trash bin. MY First Lady was raised on the southside of Chicago and EVERYBODY knows that you don’t mess with a southside of Chicago’s man!!

  10. boomer123 on said:

    Voting is what men and women died for. Voting is a blessing. Though I can not vote for someone who says ” I’m sorry for affending” raticals who attack our embassy in two countries. Blames our free speech policy for these attacks, and tries to brush it off buy attacking Romney LOL LOL. OH yes all this while we are remembering 9-11.! things that make you go HHHUUUMMMM!!!!

  11. Come on folks,some of us ain’t got it yet.Your one vote is worth millions to them who would love to steal your civil rights.Your hard won fights.Can’t you see with your own eyeballs that the big dog fight is still on.If this president is the last hired and still the first fired after all the crap he’s put up with.We lose.One clear example of that disrespect to me was when that governor from Arizona stuck her finger in the face of our Commander in Chief.And this president had the presence of mind not to pimp slap the witch to hell.Folks she still don’t know she insulted the entire military,cause he is our Commander in Chief regardless of your hatred.

  12. africanwarrior on said:

    Vote for You Vote For Obama.
    This Election is not About Tom Joyner, President Obama’s legacy
    Us well of Black Folks will do well no mater who wins.
    This Election is about your future and legacy drag your friends and relatives screaming to the voting booth , this is going be bloody and close .

  13. africanwarrior on said:

    Vote for You Vote For Obama.
    This Election is not About Tom Joyner, President Obama’s legacy
    Us well of Black Folks will do well no mater who wins.
    This Election is about your future and legacy drag your friends and relatives screaming to the voting booth , this is going be bloody and close .

  14. plucas72 on said:

    My name is Crystal Lucas-Perry and I currently live in New York.

    As a full time student at New York University, I am unable to contribute financially to the campaign.
    However, as an artist, inspired by our Presidents vision, I created this song to help support his mission.

    Please enjoy the link below and I look “forward” to your support!

    Post, comment and spread the word.


    Crystal Lucas-Perry

    Crystal Lucas-Perry
    Graduate Acting MFA Candidate – Class of 2013
    New York University – Tisch School of the Arts


  15. HotChocolate on said:

    Hello Tom, Reading your blog on “Unconditional Voting” was very interesting. We all know that one man can not change the world by himself, our President needs everyone’s help and support to make this Country a better place for our families. Before President Barack Obama entered the White House, we all know what kind of shape this Country was in. I strongly believe that since President Onama has resided inside the White House, our Country has improved 100%. The reports indicates the unemployment rate has dropped tremendously which is “Great News” to hear. Re-electing President Barack Obama for a second term is the wisest decision that a person can make. Not voting or expressing your voice is saying that, “You don’t care about your Country.” For those who are not registered to vote and for those who do not plan to vote, please do the right thing and get registered to vote; this Country needs every voice heard. “Vote For President Barack Obama This Coming November!!” May God Bless You.

  16. gwanedm on said:

    I love Tom Joyner and the TJMS but I disagree with the premise of this particular blog. The title unconditional voting implies that no matter what you keep voting for the same political party. I think that is ridiculous! I think it is wrong to only vote party and not issues. This article implies that the reason why things have not gotten better in the economy is that the republican congress has blocked any legislation that Obama has tried to push through. You have left out the fact that the first two years of Obama’s Presidency he had a Democrat controlled Congress. If you disagree with something would you completely cave in and totally compromise what you believe will work for the American people or would you keep on fighting for what you believe in? To think that only one side of the isle doesn’t want to come together with a compromise is just wrong.
    To say that you would much rather give support to a party that represents the values that we’ve been taught most of our lives-That if you’re blessed enough to have more than most, it’s your responsibility to help those with less is a statement implies that Republicans specifically Mitt Romney have a problem with helping those who are less fortunate. I think that when you say things like that you are mis representing the truth. The truth it that Mitt Romney has not only given away millions of his personal wealth to charities that do exactly that, help those who are less fortunate, He has given up his time as well. Do your research before slandering someone’s character please! Those high ranking Democrats, if you look closer don’t give away half the amount of money to charities! They are real good at giving away tax payer’s money thought!
    What I am trying to say are we as African Americans shouldn’t buy into the Liberal spin on things. You must understand that these Democrats are trying to get elected and will say anything to make that happen regardless if what they are saying is true or not.

  17. sheilafish on said:

    I just experienced a very interesting night. I was invited to an Obama watch party and eagerly accepted. This invite came through my many obama emails that I get after becoming a grassroots contributor. The address was given in Smyrna, GA and myself and some 100 other eager Obama supporters showed up only to find that the supposed planner of this event lived in a small condo and was not at home. While we stood around outside for some 20 minutes waiting no one ever appeared. We quickly made some checks and a reverse look-up found the address belonging to someone other than the event planner. A neighbor came out to walk his dog and said that the resident had not been home for several days. We made a quick decision to find some place for us to watch our President give his speech. A call was made to Sportsline Marietta and the Manager, Mr. Aaron Griffin (Griff), agreed to change his TVs to the DNC and allow us to watch the speech. Around 40 of us drove off and that is where we heard our President deliver a wonderful speech and accept the offer to run again for four more years. Was this a hoax? Was this planned to throw confusion into the hearts of Obama supporters? If it was let me just say that it was not successful. We had a great night at Sportsline Marietta and left filled with inspiration and determination. For all you Atlanta supporters, show some love to Sportsline Marietta 2935 Windy Hill Rd. 770-226-0111 and let them know that we appreciate them for supporting and showing love to President Obama supporters.

    Sheila Y. Fisher
    Go Obama!!!!

  18. Folks when those red necks ( conservatives) lost to this president the fix was in.The determination to make this man a one termer was on.First flub the oath of office.Then announce his failure before he was give a chance.Then create laws that would give big bigness unlimited donations (cash) to the red necks.So,folks your one vote is worth millions to those red necks.They are betting your gonna keep your azzes home on Nov 6 yawn. then go back to sleep.Fool all red necks folks.Go use your million dollar vote.

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