Condoleezza Rice may be earning good reviews for her speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention Wednesday night, but some folks on Twitter instead chose to focus on her unfortunate makeup malfunction.

Some viewers couldn’t help but notice that the former Secretary of State had lipstick on her two front teeth while delivering her speech. Several even tweeted about it, with many expressing sympathy with Rice.

“I don’t care what their beliefs are I will always feel completely awful for any woman who has lipstick on their teeth in public. #Condi #RNC,” wrote one viewer.

Added another: “Poor Condoleezza Rice…. No one told her she has lipstick on her teeth #makeupfail #RNC”

More tweets below:

“Yo Condi. CONDI. What in THEE HAIL are you talkin bout, girl? You know you got lipstick on yo teeth, right? Aight. Cool. #RNC2012 #GOP2012.”–@AngryBlackLady

“Seriously though, I heard nothing Condi said because I was so damn distracted from her lipstick stained teeth! @shitgirlssay”–@angeda

“Condoleeza Rice is speaking passionately & eloquently but I am completely distracted by the lipstick on her teeth”–@rachelnoerd

“Dear Republicans, when you piss the gays off, things like Condoleeza Rice’s lipstick-covered teeth happen.”–@mattrjk

As previously reported, Rice has earned praise for her speech, despite the lipstick gaffe. The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne Jr. wrote that she “outshined” vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan by giving a speech that was “more serious and, yes, more presidential than any other speech on Wednesday night.” Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews praised Rice, calling her speech “spectacular” and “thrilling” and describing Rice herself as “presidential,” as quoted by Politico.

As for the lipstick situation, Vogue fashionista Andre Leon Talley came to Condi’s defense: “If Professor, former Sec. of State, Condoleeza [sic] Rice had lipstick on her teeth, so what. She spoke with true eloquence and raised the bar!”


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14 thoughts on “Twitter Explodes Over Condoleezza Rice’s Lipstick-Stained Teeth

  1. Successful is what you mean? Do you no think they encountered racism, while coming up though the ranks? Considering there are no other African Americans to achieve their positions.

  2. Great post. I have a 17 year old daugther, DEM or REP, I encourage her to think of the positibles when she sees positive role-models.

  3. Keep this in mind. Whenever you have an elected DEM or REP African American, it’s not only blacks thats placing them in that position. There is no such thing as a token elected official.

  4. Black Age Gap on said:

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  5. PinkPoodle on said:

    Forget the lipstick…

    Of all the prominent African American Republicans, Condoleezza Rice and General Colin Powell are the most articulate of them all. Rice and General Powell state their Republican views in an intelligent manner without sounding as if they have been programmed. When listening to Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele, they appear to be angry and defensive. Don’t get me wrong, Clarence Thomas has made history and I’m proud of his accomplishments, but he seems angry.

    I admire J. C. Watts, another African American Republican, because he is charismatic and articulate.

    My paternal Grandparents always voted Republican for whatever reason. I think if they were alive today, they would be Independent voters and probably would have voted for President Obama because of the historic significance of his election. It would have been hard for them to vote Democratic because they were creatures of habit.

    I have several friends who are Republicans and we can discuss the political views of today without fussing or getting angry at each other. The most important thing is to use our right to VOTE in this NOVEMBER 2012 Election.

  6. africanwarrior on said:

    What difference does lipstick on teeth make to a brilliant woman like Condi make?
    Isn’t this a childish racist comment? What does “gaps between her teeth” have to do with intellect or how attractive condi is ?
    Please be respectful . All these types of comments are not helpfull towards African Americans . Remember the whole world is watching and listening to all this, especially in the age of communication

  7. africanwarrior on said:

    Why all the hate towards Condi , she is an extremely gifted intelligent Black woman who is entitled to her opinion. My familly
    And I left our native country Nigeria because of tribalism and lack of tolerance for different religious and political views, people are murdering each other because of it in Nigeria. We should respectfully disagree rather than runing “drive by ” hate comments against our sister Condi

  8. wandita1 on said:

    She was articulate and poised. it’s just too bad that’s she’s on the wrong side of the fence (lol). Didn’t notice the lipstick

  9. maxineportis on said:

    Sorry Condi! Missed your speech, just too soon after enduring eight years of you and W. I was watching thirty years of National Geographics on DVD.

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