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Gabby Douglas' hair has been a hot topic for over a week now. Stephanie Robinson joins TJMS to discuss why people are obsessed with Douglas' hair and what it represents in the black community.


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2 thoughts on “Stephanie Robinson on the Obsession with Gabby Douglas’ Hair

  1. chinateefinney23 on said:

    Wth, are you serious……she’s an atlete she don’t have time for hair, who cares. I never heard of getting a medal for a hair style…….smh. Wake up and grow up America!!!!

  2. veronicaj on said:

    I am so proud of Miss Gabby Douglas! I know her mom is elated and proud. I would be if she was my daughter. It is ashame that people are trying to take away her accomplishment that no brave soul has the guts to do (who cares about hair!). Her committment and dedication speaks for itself. It just shows that we live in a superficial society instead of an accomplishmet society with praise. Too many people drink from the swamp of hate. Let’s try to drink from the fountain of support instead.

    There are so many people who are overlooked because of negative people who value the wrong things. Those that criticize should take a lesson from the young lady. She has no time to worry about hair, besides if she was worry about her hair she would have never made it this far. Those that have a problem should actually attend some of these functions and see how difficult it is to maintain a hairstyle.

    Again, congrats GABBY DOUGLAS….you ROCK!

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