Kobe Bryant was caught shirtless, casually sitting in between two women last week in Barcelona and the pictures have caused many to wonder if the Olympian was cheating on his wife Vanessa, or just having a good time!

It may have been just fun between Bryant and the two woman standing beside him but Vanessa Bryant is allegedly “furious” that her husband keeps putting himself in these positions to be photographed.

Read more at HelloBeautiful.

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5 thoughts on “Vanessa Bryant “Furious” Over Kobe Bryant Photos

  1. vjhxxx on said:

    Vanessa Bryant: You stay in the news more than Dwight Howard. Either stay with team you play for or become a free agent and play somewhere else. Stop think you are a poor helpless victim. He treats you bad because he doesn’t respect you. You did take a diamond ring to forgive him for his past transgressions. This means your self respect can be bought!

  2. Hiawa23 on said:

    If she is upset she should have went with him to London. She knows what kind of man she has. One that has proven he can’t be faithful..

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