Former CNN and new BET anchor T.J. Holmes was pulled over a mile away from his Atlanta home Monday morning and quickly took to Twitter to tell followers about the incident.

Holmes tweeted a picture of a cop car in his side mirror with the caption "Driving while black ain't no joke."

One of the officers who pulled him over was black.

The 34-year-old said that one of the officers, though he did not specify which, had difficulty telling him why he was pulled over.

"This is a damn shame. Officer is literally stumbling over his words trying to explain why he stopped me," Holmes tweeted.

Holmes tweeted that the officer said he "wanted to make sure [Holmes] had insurance on the car."

"I kid you not," Holmes added.

"Still pissed beyond words right now," Holmes concluded. "But Lord knows I'm not the only this will happen to today."

Holmes, who left CNN in December 2011, will launch his new show, "Don't Sleep!" on BET this October.

"Don't Sleep!" will feature "smart, biting social commentary on significant issues important to African Americans" that "mainstream media tends to disregard,"says BET.

Check out a report on the incident below:


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5 thoughts on “T.J. Holmes Pulled Over in Atlanta, Tweets Incident

  1. lesesene60 on said:

    Brother TJ
    I was stopped in the State of Viriginia by a State Trooper and he proceeded to lecture me about the tint in my windows were in violation of the State of Viriginia Motor Vehicle Code. The problem was the tag on my vehicle was from the State of North Carolina! .Which the aforesaid tint in my windows were not in violation of the North Carolina Vehicle Code. I reasonably believe he stopped me because he racially profiled me . Thus, when he approached my vehicle and saw a well dress Black Man who elucidated quite intelligently to his “commands” he had no choice but to fumble and start justifying why he stop me.
    This too often happens to African American Men and it needs to STOP!!

    A. S. Lesesene
    Charleston, S.C.

  2. Hiawa23 on said:

    I loved TJ on CNN. I like his move to BET, where we will see more stories relating to African Americans. If TJ made the switch, then he knows what’s best for him, who knows maybe there were cuts at CNN or other issues we don’t know about. Maybe he wanted to focus more on African American stories, & CNN said, oh no, we aint doing that. I don’t look at BET as a step down. Maybe, it’s a stepping stone for something else in his future.

  3. No matterwhat your status in life, as a black person, you will be racially profiled as if you are a common criminal. This has to stop! With terrorism always being a threat, why continue to harass black males. These racial incidents may eventually drive some of them toward these groups.

  4. Sweet Mack on said:

    T J, I often watched you on CNN which I consider to be one of the best News channels around especialy for world news events. Although I’m a big fan of BET It seems a step below for you. What gives with the switch?

  5. Wld1027 on said:

    Mr. Holmes,
    Good for you. It is sad that you had to be lied to for your reason of being stop,I’m wondering if you had done a crime how would have been treated then?Looking forward to seeing your show.

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