Dear Tom,

My Aunt Gail is the perfect example and supporter of “Taking a Loved One to The Doctor.” One day, she noticed that I had been having severe stomach pains and some irregular habits so she took me to the doctor. It turns out that I had Stage 4 Colon Cancer.

Lady Jack became my caregiver after my surgery in January of 2011. This amazing woman has given up a lot personally to make sure I get to chemo and have all the meds.

She starts my morning routine by tuning in to your show. It keeps me laughing which takes my mind off the cancer proving that laughter is a good medicine.

This past February, I underwent liver surgery and back on Chemo until November. It’s been brutal but Lady Jack is still committed to my recovery and my well-being.

She has been instrumental in making this journey a painless as possible. Instead this journey has been filled with laughter, support, and prayers. 

She is the Traffic Manager at NBC 17 here in Raleigh. I know that she loves to get pampered at spas and Step Dancing but she is too busy being my caregiver.

Tom, I want my Aunt Gail/Lady Jack to receive the $1000 Visa gift card, so she can attend stepper events (she loves dancing) and go to the spa so she can pamper herself. I guess I can only simply state, that I would love for Lady Jack to enjoy some flowers while she lives and I have a chance to see her enjoy those precious moments.



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