Huggy Lowdown joins the crew joking this morning he woke up thanking the lord for giving him his family, saying "I could have been a Jackson." Listen to hear more about the "Jackson Family Matters" as Huggy explains how come everyone wants to babysit Powerball, Megamillion, and Baby blanket or otherwise Michael Jackson's three children.


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One thought on “Huggy Lowdown on The Jacksons

  1. lverette1 on said:

    Love laughing with you all the time Huggy, but this morning’s commentary on the Jacksons mad me sad. I respect Katherine Jackson and it’s clear recent events and turmoil within her family has taken it’s toll on her health. Rather than poke fun at the latest news on what the grandkids, kids, and other family members are saying and doing to eachother, we should all pray for that they heal from and move past whatever issues are plaguing their family. They have been through quite enough.

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