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LOS ANGELES (AP) — The executors of Michael Jackson's estate say they are concerned about the welfare of the singer's mother and his three children amid a family feud.

In a letter posted on fan sites Tuesday, executors John Branca and John McClain say they are doing what they can to protect those family members from "undue influences, bullying, greed, and other unfortunate circumstances."

The letter came hours after sheriff's deputies responded to a family disturbance at the hilltop home where Katherine Jackson and her three grandchildren live.

Authorities say no arrests were made, but there is an active battery investigation. Katherine Jackson was reported missing over the weekend, but is with relatives in Arizona.

The letter from Branca and McClain says they don't have standing to intervene in the guardianship of Jackson's children, but unspecified steps are being taken to protect them.

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4 thoughts on “Jackson Estate Concerned for Kids Amid Dispute

  1. RKearns on said:

    Those Fat old JACKSON Siblings NEED TO GET JOBS. They’ve lived off of Michael LONG ENOUGH!!! Janet is the only sibling who went out and EARNED the money she has. Michael agreed to father these three children and his will should be granted to them and their caretaker.

  2. cm20 on said:

    Lost in north America stressed and led astray watch me give my fortune back to people that look gray. [What happened ? They lost their history so they died].

  3. proudblackwoman on said:

    Although Micheal was not the biological father of the children, he made a choice be to their father and his wishes should be carried out. He provided for his children and his mother in his will and the rest of the family should respect that. It is so sad to this family sink to this level fighting over money that they are not entitled to. Micheal made his own money and no one should question who he leaves it to. The victims are his mother and his children. Sad, Sad, Sad

  4. vjhxxx on said:

    Blood is thicker than water! These kids need to given back to their real mother and father. They are no more related to Michael Jackson than that monkey he use to carry around with him when he ventured outside. Any money involved in this estate should be distributed amongst Michael Jackson’s real family. At least we know for sure that he is related to them.

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